Fords, 1,764.00
Renault, 1,455.00
Used, Chevrolet, Bel-Air station wagon, 1960, 1,095.00
Used, Mercedes Benz, 300SL Roadster, 1958, 5,995.00
Used, VW sedan, 1961, 1,295.00
Motor Oil, Allstate, 3.33/10 quart can
Tires, Goodyear, 17.30-29.00/each (with trade in)


Men’s sport coat, lightweight cardigan, 15.95/each
Men’s suit, dacron-cotton, 45.00/each
Men’s slacks, 5.95-6.95/pair
Women’s skirt, 3.97
Women’s suit, seersucker, 11.98/each
Women’s dress, Jersey, 4.77/each
Women’s dress shoes, Red cross, 12.99/pair
Woman’s jacket, vinyl suede, 3.99-6.99/each
Woman’s blouse, 8.00/each
Women’s handbags, 1.99-3.00/each
Boy’s major league jackets, 2.66-5.98/each
Girl’s playwear, .77/each

Food & beverages

Bananas, .15/lb
Beef, ground chuck, .59/lb
Bread, .33/2lb loaf
Cake mix, Betty Crocker, .35/19oz pkg
Cereal, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 1.00/3 8oz pkgs
Cheese, American slices, .51/12oz pks
Coffee, Fyne Taste, instant, .99/lb
Cookies, Nabisco’s Fig Newtons, .31/lb
Duck, .39/lb
Fish, sole, fresh, .89/lb
Ham, Armour, 3.99/5 lb can
Ice cream, Holland Dutch Treat, .59/half gallon
Jell-O, .88/10 3oz packages
Juice, orange, concentrate, .99/5 6oz cans
Juice, Libby’s, tomato, .39/4 1 pt 2 oz cans
Lettuce, iceberg, .19/2 large heads
Margarine, Fleischmann’s, .42/lb
Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s .59/quart
Milk, White House, evaporated, .79/6 13fl/oz cans
Onions, Texas, .25/3 lbs
Oranges, Florida, .49/4lb bag
Peanut butter, .99/3lb jar
Pineapples, fresh whole, .39/each
Potatoes, Maine, .45/5lbs
Soda, Foodtown, .07/can
Strawberries, .33/pint basket
Sugar, .59/5 lb bag
Chicken, .25/lb
Tea, .84/100 bag pkg
Tuna, Chicken of the Sea, chunk white, 1.00/3 6.5oz cans


Bedroom set, 4 piece, laminated walnut, 198.00-289.98/set
Chairs, Stratolounger, 139.00-199.00/each
File cabinet, 4 drawer, metal, 25.88/each
Livingroom set, 2 piece, 198.99-299.00/set
Mattress & boxspring, Beautyrest, 159.00-179.00/set
Patio furniture, 6 piece, wrought iron, 199.00/set
Rug, Nylon, 9X12, 37.62/each

Garden equipment

Annual flowers, .69/12 plant pack
Azaleas, 4.89/3 bushes
Lawn mower, Homco, gas, 115.95-124.95/each
Picnic table set, redwood, 17.44-19.88/set
Rake, steel, 18″, .99-1.92/each
Rose bushes, .25-.59/each
Seed, grass, 3.29/4 lbs

Household goods

Bedspread, 10.98-12.98/each
Blender, Hamilton Beach, 16.98
Clorox, .49/gallon
Clothes washer, General Electric, 169.00/each
Dinnerware, Melamine, setting for 8, 15.88/set
Dishwasher, General Electric, 128.00/each
Freezer, 340lbs, 128.00
Ironing board, 6.66/each
Laundry soap, Tide, .59/giant box
Paint, Sapolin, latex house, 5.97/gallon
Refrigerator, Amana, 14.2 cu ft, 288.00/each
Vacuum cleaner, General Electric, cannister, 26.95-39.95/each


Daily Record .07/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, Squibb, 1.3901.96/2 200count bottles
Hair dryer, Lady Sunbeam, 19.94-24.94/each
Shampoo, Head & Shoulders .91/2 7oz tubes
Permanent wave, Lilt, 2.50/can
Shaver, Lady Remington, 11.88/each
Talcum powder, Ponds, .54/6.5oz pkg
Tissues, Scott .49/2 400count boxes
Toothbrush, Squibb, .98/2 brushes
Toothbrush, Westinghouse, electric cordless, 28.88
Toothpaste, Crest .44/extra large tube

Real estate

Chatham, 4 bedroom colonial, 31,300.00
Long Valley, Valley View Acres (new construction), 16,900.00
Parsippany, 3 bedroom ranch, 23,000.00
Rent, Mountain Lakes, 3 bedrooms, 225.00/month
Rent, Randolph 3-4 bedroom split level, 175.00/month
Apartment, Morristown, Township Village, 1 & 2 bedrooms, 139.00/month
Apartment, Parsippany, Meadowbrook Gardens, 4-5 rooms, 125.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Boat, Chris-Craft Corsair Sunlounger, 1,995.00/complete
Camera film & processing, 1.55-1.99/roll
Chatham Air bus (Cessna air service to Kennedy Airport), 14.50/person
Dinner, De Maio’s Mother’s Day, baked Virginia ham, 3.75/plate
Movie projector, Argus, 8mm, 49.95/each
Movie ticket, Ledgewood Drive-in, 1.00/car
Organ, Everett spinet, 695.00/each
Phonograph, Bulova, “Hi fi,” 59.00/each
Piano, 395.00-7,500.00/each
Radio, General Electric, pocket transistor, 10.88/each
Rally for Barry Goldwater, Madison Square Garden, NYC, 2.00/ticket
Sewing machine, Kenmore, 67.00/each
Television, Dumont, color, 499.00/each