VW Bug, 1,595.00
Dodge Dart, 1,959.00
Chevrolet Impala, 2,295.00
Pontiac, 1959, Catalina, 695.00
Corvair, 1961, 1,095.00
Karman Ghia, 1,895.00
Battery, 6 volt, 10.95-24.95/each
Booster cables, .88-1.49/each
Oil, motor, Allstate, 4.29/10 quart can


Men’s raincoats, 15.00-24.95/each
Men’s suits, worsted, 29.90-42.95/each
Men’s sweaters, pullovers, lamb’s wool, 8.99-11.99/each
Men’s shirts, Arrow, 4.00/each
Men’s neckties, 2.50/each
Men’s slacks, 18.90-25.00/pair
Women’s suit, 3 piece bonded knit, 7.96/each
Women’s dress shoes, 5.90-19.97/pair
Women’s slacks, cotton stretch knit, 2.97-3.97/each
Women’s coats, suede, 88.90-120.00/each
Women’s skirt, 4.00-14.98/each
Children’s jeans, 1.50-1.99/pair
Snowsuits, toddlers, 5.00/each
Boots, mens, Deluxe insulated full lace, 2.99-8.95/pair

Food & beverages

Apples, Red Delicious, .19/3 lb bag
Bacon, Armour Star, .69/lb
Bananas, .29/3 lbs
Beans, baked, Van Camp’s 1.00/10 sixteen ounce cans
Beef, ground chuck, .59/lb
Beef, sirloin steak, .85/lb
Bisquick, .45/2 lb 3 ounce package
Butter, Land O’Lakes, .69/lb
Cake mix, Pillsbury, 1.00/4 one pound 3 ounce boxes
Cereal, Post Crispy Critters, .44/13 ounce box
Cheese, Cream, Philadelphia Brand, Kraft, .10/3 ounce package
Chicken, broilers or fryers, .27/lb
Chow mein, frozen, Chun King, .59/package
Cocoa, Nestle’s Eveready, .49/16 ounce can
Coffee, Nescafe, instant, 1.50/10 ounce jar
Cookies, Scooter Pies, Burry’s, .45/14 ounce package
Crackers, Ritz, Nabisco, .33/12 ounce box
Fish, tuna, Starkist solid, 1.00/3 seven ounce cans
Flour, Hecker’s .49/5 lb bag
Grapefruit, .49/5 lb bag
Ham, canned, Hormel, 2.99/4 lb can
Jelly, Polander, .29/18 ounce jar
Juice, Tomato, Stokely, 1.00/4 one quart 14 ounce cans
Ketchup, Heinz, 1.00/5 fourteen ounce bottles
Macaroni, Muellers, .43/2 sixteen ounce packages
Margarine, Nucoa, .31/lb
Onions, .10/3 lb bag
Oranges, Temple, .49/10 oranges
Potato chips, Wise, .49-.59/lb bag
Potatoes, .79/10 lb bag
Soda, Cott, .79/3 one pint 12 ounce bottles
Soup, Campbell’s 1.00/6 ten ounce cans
TV dinner, Swanson, .69/each
Valentine’s candy, heart boxes, 9.00/2 lb box


Bedroom set, 6 piece, colonial maple, 399.00-599.00/set
Book case 30″ wide, 42.00-47.00
Carpet, “501” Dupont Nylon, 6.95-8.95/square yard
Dinette, 5 piece, early American, 88.00/set
Dining room set, 8 piece, contemporary, 349.00-549.00/set
Lamps, 1.00-5.00/each
Mattress, Simmon’s Imperial, 39.99/each
Sofa, 319.00/each
Sleeper sofa, Simmon’s, 199.00/each


Drill, Black & Decker, deluxe, 14.95/each
Paint, interior, Shop-Rite, 2.99/gallon
Saw, Sears Craftsman, 10″ electric, 188.00-219.00/each
Snow blowers, Lambert, 28″, 6HP, 278.00-369.00/each
Socket sets, Sears Craftsman, 133 piece, 99.00-152.77/set
Wrench set, Sears Craftsman, 5 piece, 3.00/set

Household goods

Air conditioner, 5300 BTU, 128.00-149.95/each
Aluminum foil, Reynolds Wrap, .31/25′ roll
Bedspreads, decorator, machine wash, 5.00/2
Cleanser, Comet, .28/2 fourteen ounce cans
Bleach, Clorox, .50/gallon
Clock radio, Westinghouse, 45.99/each
Clothes washer, Whirlpool, 299.95/each
Dinnerware set, 6 piece, Oneida, 3.98-5.40/setting
Laundry soap, Ivory Snow, 1.33/53.5 ounce package
Range, gas, 30″-36″, 89.88/each
Refrigerator, 15 cubic feet, bottom freezer, 288.88/each
Sheets, muslin, 72″ X 108″, 1.67/each
Skillet, Teflon, 10″, 1.99/each
Toaster, Sunbeam, 2 slice, 10.88-11.88/each
Vacuum cleaners, Hoover, full-sized heavy duty, 59.88/each


Daily Record [Morristown, NJ], .07/daily paper

Personal care & health

Alka Seltzer, .47/bottle of 25
Aspirin, Bufferin, .99/100 count bottle
Baby powder, Mennen, .71-.89/package
Cold cream, Pond’s, .77-1.00/jar
Cold relief capsules, Shop-Rite brand, .60/2 packages of 12
Cough drops, Luden’s .23/3 packages
Cough syrup, Vicks Formula 44, .59/4 ounce bottle
Decongestant, Contact, .77-1.49/package of 10
Deodorant, Mum, .69/1.2 ounce package
Hair spray, Alberto V-O5, 1.19/7 ounce can
Mouthwash, Listerine, .59/14 ounce bottle
Permanent wave, Bamberger’s Department Store, 8.75-17.50/person
Soap, Camay, .31/2 bath bars
Tissues, Kleenex, 1.00/5 400 count boxes
Toilet paper, .45/4 rolls
Toothpaste, Colgate, .66-.89/tube

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Mountain Lakes, 4 bedroom, 45,000.00
Roxbury, 3 bedrooms, split level, 18,500.000
Dover, large cape cod, 17,900.00
Houses for rent:
East Hanover, 3 bedrooms, ranch, 165.00/month
Mount Freedom, 3 room duplex, furnished, 85.00/month
Mount Tabor, 7 rooms, 110.00/month
Apartments & rooms:
Morristown, 3.5 rooms, 140.00/month
Morris Plains, 4 rooms, 120.00/month
Parsippany area, 2.5 rooms, 100.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Dinner, Governor Morris Hotel [Morristown, NJ], full course, 6.95/person
Dinner, “Sip and Sup” family drive-in [Morris Plains, NJ], fish & chips, .85/each
Drums, snare, including sticks and instruction book, 21.49-35.00/set
Guitar, folk, 39.49-55.00/each
Ice skates, 2.99-8.99/pair
Lunch, frankfurter & coke, Kresge’s snack bar, .19-.30/each
Motel, Dover Garden, 5.00-6.00/room
Movie camera, Yashica, 8mm, 112.85/each
Organ, Wurlitzer, full-sized, 699.00/each
Phonograph, “Stereo Victrola,” RCA, 238.88/each
Record albums, 12″, .99-4.98/each
Slide Projector, color, Mansfred Argus, 29.85/each
Table tennis, 5′ X9′ table, 22.88/each
Television, color, RCA “82 channel,” 358.88
Theatre, Community Theatre [Morristown NJ], Cinderella and Pinocchio, children, .75/ticket; adults, 1.25/ticket