Oldsmobile “98” Town sedan, 3,399.00
Oldsmobile Cutlass, 2,797.00
1965 Buick Skylark convertible, 2,495.00
1961 Falcon, 2 door, 450.00
1960 Chevy Impala, 995.00


Boys’ slacks, 1.19-3.00/pair
Girls’ shoes, Stride Rite, 5.99-18.00/pair
Men’s boots, Chukka, 1.99/pair
Men’s coat, 67.90-100.00/each
Men’s necktie, silk, 1.89-2.50/each
Men’s pajamas, 3.99-6.00/set
Men’s shirt, oxford, 5.00/each
Men’s shoes, Florsheim, 16.99-26.95/pair
Men’s suit, 63.90-115.00/each
Mink boa, 30.00-45.00/each
Ski jacket, 14.99-20.00/each
Women’s coat, 39.90-75.00/each
Women’s dress, 16.50-70.00/each
Women’s slacks, tailored, 9.90-15.00/pair
Women’s suit, 14.90-25.00/each


Babysitter, 1.00/hour
Budget clerk, 93.00/week
Customer relations trainee, 3,900.00/year
Dental assistant, 4.5 days, 80.00/week
Draftsman, 100.00/week
Driver for plumber, 1.50/hour
Key punch operator, 90.00/week
Mechanical sales trainee, 6,000/year + company car
Salesperson, Avon products, 2.00/hour
Secretary, editorial, 100.00/week
Security guard, 90.00+/week

Food & beverages

Apples, Rome Beauty, .39/3 lbs
Bacon, .79/lb
Beans, green, .43/two 17 oz cans
Beef, boneless London broil, .89/lb
Beef, stewing, .79/lb
Biscuits, Pillsbury, .29/three 8 oz pkgs
Bread, Jane Parker, .99/four 16 oz loaves
Cake mix, Duncan Hines, .66/two 14 oz boxes
Carrots, fresh, .15/lb
Cereal, Cheerios, .45/two 7 oz boxes
Cheese, Borden, American slices, .59/lb
Chocolate bars, Hersheys, .66/two giant size bars
Coffee, Ehlers, .75/can
Cookies, Keebler, Fudge Stripes, .47/14 oz pkg
Crackers, Premium Saltine, .31/lb
Eggs, .55/dozen
Flour, Gold Medal, .55/5 lbs
French fries, Birdseye, frozen, .89/eight 9 oz pkgs
Frankfurters, Oscar Meyer, .69/lb
Ham, .69/6 oz
Jell-O, .89/ten 3 oz pkgs
Juice, orange, .89/six 8 oz cans
Ketchup, Del Monte, 1.00 four 1 pt 4 oz bottles
Lettuce, iceberg, .25/head
Macaroni, 1.00/five 16 oz boxes
Margarine, Shop Rite, .93/four 16 oz pkgs
Mushrooms, Extra Sno White, .39/lb
Oil, Wesson, 1.99/gallon
Oranges, Sunkist navel, .49/10
Pie, Cherry, .49/each
Potatoes, .37/5 lbs
Rice, Carolina, .41/2 lb pkg
Salt, .10/1 lb 10 oz box
Sweet potatoes, .29/3 lbs


Bed, maple, four poster, 50.00/each
Bedroom set, 499.00-769.00/4 piece set
Bench, pine, wagon-style, 59.98-89.95/each
Chair, Danish walnut, 39.00-69.95/each
Desk, French antique white, 259.00-359.00/each
Dining room set, Ethan Allen, knotty pine, 499.00-588.00/set
Loveseat, Red toille fabric, 89.00-199.00/each
Slipcovers, sofa & chair, 74.50-107.50/set
Sofa, Heredon, 4.99-6.95/each

Household goods

Bedspread, Fieldcrest, twin, 16.99-20.00/each
Cleaning fluid, Carbona, .49/4 oz bottle
Clock, alarm, General Electric, 1.99/each
Curtains, .99-5.98/pair
Dinnerware set, Oneida, 3.98-5.40/6 piece set
Dishwasher, RCA Deluxe, 218.88-279.00/each
Disinfectant, Lysol, spray, .66/7 oz container
Lamp shades, 3.99-4.98/each
Laundry soap, Tide, .59/giant size box
Light bulbs, Sylvania, .89/package of 6
Pillows, throw, 1.00-2.98/each
Refrigerator, RCA, with icemaker, 188.00-269.00/each
Sheets, Grand Maide, twin, 1.77-2.29/each
Towels, Scott, Jumbo, .85/three 200 sheet rolls
Waffle Iron, Dominion, 14.98/each
Washing machine, RCA, 2 cycle, 148.00-179.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .07/daily paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, Bufferin, .66/two 100 count bottles
Bubble bath, Mr. Bubble, .66/two 12 oz boxes
Cotton buds, Johnson & Johnson, .66/two 88 count boxes
Cough syrup, Vick’s, .66/bottle
Desitin ointment, .66/2 ounce tube
Face cream, Noxema medicated, .66-1.00/6 oz jar
Hair conditioner, Brylcream, .66/4 oz tube
Hair spray, Aqua Net, .66/7 oz container
Hand lotion, Jergens, .99/pint
Inhaler, Vicks, .66/2 units
Mouthwash, Listerine, .63/14 ounce bottle
Pepto Bismol tablets, .66/box
Razor blades, Gillette, .88/10 count container
Soap, Ivory, .24/4 bars
Tissues, Kleenex, .66/3 boxes
Toilet paper, .79/10 rolls
Toothpaste, Crest, 1.00/2 tubes
Vitamins, 100’s multiple, .66/bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Dover, 4 bedrooms, 19,000.00
Madison, 3 bedrooms, older home, 15,900.00
Roxbury, 3 bedrooms, split level, 23,500.00
Houses for rent
Denville, town center, 3 bedrooms, 165.00/month
Rockaway, 5 bedrooms, 187.00/month
Wharton, 6 room duplex, 165.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Madison, 4 rooms & bath, 130.00/month
Morristown, 1 room, 15.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Books, hardback, .99-5.00/each
Guitar, electric, Sunburst, 2 yrs old, 90.00/each
Movie projector, Keystone, 59.85/each
Organ, Hammond, spinet, 650.00/each
Pen, Papermate, .66/each
Phonograph records, 45 RPMs, .54/each
Playing cards, twin deck sets, .58/2 decks
Pool tables, 335.00-700.00/each
Puzzles, jigsaw, .37-.97/each
Sewing machine, Singer, zigzag, 39.99/each
Skates, hockey, 7.97-8.88/pair
Sled, 48″, 5.99/each
Stereo, RCA 8 speaker AM/FM, 188.88-289.95/each
Superball, Wham-O, .66/each
Television, 23″, 159.00/each
Yarn, 4 fold mothproof virgin wool, .78/4 oz skein