Ford, Custom Sedan, 2,199.00
Ford, Galaxie, 2 door, hardtop, 2,365.00
1964, Comet, Caliente, 1,495.00
1962, Chevy II, station wagon, 890.00
1957, Lincoln, hardtop, 1,280.00


Boy’s coat, 19.99-37.99/each
Boy’s shoes, Hushpuppy, 6.99-9.99/pair
Boy’s slacks, 13.95/pair
Girl’s shoes, Stride-rite, 6.99/pair
Men’s coat, lined, 49.90/each
Men’s pajamas, 3.99/pair
Men’s shirt, Van Heusen, 3.59/each
Men’s shoes, Florsheim, 17.99-21.99/pair
Men’s suit, Hart Schaffner & Marx, 89.95/each
Uniforms, nurses & maids, 3.99-7.99/each
Women’s car coat, 28.90-55.00/each
Women’s dress, wool, 18.90-26.00/each
Women’s jacket, leather, 32.90-45.00/each
Women’s slacks, wool, 9.90/pair
Women’s suit, wool, 29.90-40.00/each

Employment & services

Cleaning lady, 1.50/hour
Clerk-typist, 1.83/hour
Lab technician, 98.00/week
Factory help, Dairy Pak, 2.20/hour + shift premium
File clerk, 75.00/week
IBM 632 operators, 90.00/week
Licensed Practical Nurse, 2.05/hour
Machinist, 4.00/hour
Registered nurse, 6,730.00/year
Secretary, 100.00/week

Food & beverages

Apples, Delicious, .39/3 lb bag
Bacon, Oscar Mayer, .45-.50/lb
Bananas, Chiquita, .29/2 lbs
Beef, London broil, .89/lb
Bread, Gourmet Country Farms, white, .45/two 11.5 oz loaves
Butter, .75/lb
Cake, Sara Lee, pound, .57/12 oz pkg
Cake mix, Betty Crocker, .29/pkg
Cheese, Kraft, American slices, 1.00/two 12 oz pkgs
Coffee, Maxwell House, all grinds, .75/lb
Cookies, Sunshine, chocolate chip, .25/8 oz pkg
Crackers, Nabisco, Premium Saltine, .33/lb box
Eggs, large, .55/dozen
Frankfurters, Hygrade, .99/2 lb bag
Fruit cocktail, Del Monte, .19/30 oz can
Ham, fresh, .69/lb
Juice, Tropicana, orange, .49/half gallon
Lemons, Sunkist, .39/10
Lettuce, iceberg, .19/head
Margarine, Fleischmann’s, .47/lb
Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s .69/quart
Oranges, Temple, .39/10 large
Pickles, Foodtown, Kosher, .59/48 oz jar
Pie, Virginia Lee, fresh baked, French Apple, .49/each
Potato chips, Hygrade, .59/lb pkg
Potatoes, .19/2 lbs
Soup, Campbell’s, .15/can
Spaghetti, Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee, .99/seven 15 oz cans
Sugar, Foodtown, granulated, .57/5 lbs
TV dinner, Morton’s, 3 course, .59/17 oz pkg

Household & seasonal goods

Bedspread, chenille, twin, 1.88-3.69/each
Bleach, Shop Rite, .39/gallon
Curtains, cafe style, 1.50-3.00/pair
Dish detergent, Palmolive, .27/12 oz plastic bottle
Dishpan, Rubbermaid, .99-1.69/each
Dishwasher, Caloric, 128.00/each
Garbage can, metal, 20 gallons, 2.99/each
Laundry detergent, Cheer, .77/large box
Mop, sponge, 1.77-3.95/each
Range, Admiral, 30″, electric, 99.00/each
Refrigerator, Admiral, 15 cu ft, 298.00-399.00/each
Rock salt, 1.90/100 lbs
Sheets, Wamsutta, Lustercale, 72″ X 108″, 2.99/each
Snow blower, Sunbeam, electric, 74.95/each
Towel, Fieldcrest, Royal velvet, bath, 2.99/each
Washing machine, Frigidaire, 188.00-229.00/each


.10/daily paper

Personal care & health

Alka Seltzer, .44-.67/15 count bottle
Aspirin, Norwich, .49-.89/200 count bottle
Cough drops, Ludens, .19/3 pkgs
Cough syrup, Vick’s Formula 44, .59-.98/3 oz bottle
Deodorant, Secret, spray, .62-1.00/4 oz container
Metamucil, 2.39-3.50/lb container
Milk of Magnesia, Phillips, .52-.79/12 oz bottle
Mouthwash, Scope, .69-1.00/12 oz bottle
Permanent wave, Bamberger’s, 8.75/person
Shampoo, Breck, .65/8 oz bottle
Skin lotion, Jergens, .66-1.00/18.5 oz bottle
Soap, Ivory, .23/4 pack
Toothbrush, Pro, .19-.69/each
Toothpaste, Colgate, .61-.95/family size tube
Vaseline, .59-.98/jar

Real estate

Houses for sale
Denville, 4 rooms, 12,900.00
Mendham, 4 bedrooms, split level, 27,000.00

Houses for rent
Boonton, 3 bedrooms, 200.00/month
Lake Parsippany, 2 bedrooms, ranch, 135.00/month
Morris Plains, 5 rooms, 140.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, Parson’s Village, 1 bedroom, 160.00/month
Parsippany, Rutgers Village apartments, 4 rooms, 105.00/month
Randolph, Hamiltonian, 1 bedroom, 125.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Bowling ball, regulation size, 8.39-19.95/each
Cards, playing, 1.00/3 decks
Doll, Pouting Penny, 2.88/each
Drum set, Pro, 3 piece, 129.00-250.00/each
Flying lessons, 8 hrs dual instruction and 4 hrs AV ground school, 157.00-188.00/person
Guitar, electric, 29.95-60.00/each
Guitar, student, 14.95-24.95/each
Organ, Baldwin, new, 845.00-1,020.00/each
Play Doh, .49/five 2 oz cans
Pool table, Oxford Professional, 149.00/each
Radio, GE, transistor, 4.44/each
Record albums, LP, 1.87-3.79/each
Sled, Blazon, Sno-Wing, 3.46-7.00/each
Slide projector, color, 29.85-49.85/each
Square dancing, .99/admission
Stereo, 6 speakers, console, 188.00/each
Tape recorder, RCA, deluxe, 98.00/each
Television, 22″, Philco, console, color, 179.00/each
Tennis table, (ping pong), regulation size, 27.88-36.89/each
Toboggan, 10′, 10.77-36.95/each
Typewriter, Smith Corona, portable, 39.99/each