Dodge, Demon, 2,652.00
Ford, Galaxie 500, 3,176.00 Ford, Pinto, 1,919.00

1968 Camaro, coupe, 2,295.00/each
1968 Chevy Impala, coupe, 2,395.00/each
1965, Chrysler Newport, 895.00/each


Boy’s shirt, permanent press, 3.75/two shirts
Girl’s turtleneck popos, 100% cotton, 1.99/each
Men’s boots, Chukka, 3.97-4.97/pair
Men’s coat, London Fog, Andes style, 50.00/each
Men’s shirt, Furman’s brand knit, 1.00/each
Men’s shoes, Florsheim, 32.95/pair
Men’s suit, shaped double-breasted, wool, 56.95/each
Women’s coat, Harris tweed, wool, 39.88/each
Women’s dress, Madras Maxi, 16.00/each
Women’s jumper, plaid, 1.66/each
Women’s pajamas, flannel, 1.99/pair
Women’s stockings, .59-1.49/pair

Employment & services

Accountant, 9,000.00/year
Bookkeeper, 7,800.00-10,000/year
Security Guards, Pinkerton’s, 104.00-117.00/week
Factory help, 2.30/hour
Financial analyst, 12,000.00-15,000.00/year
Draftsmen, 120.00-130.00week
Sales manager trainee, 12,000/year
Secretary, 110.00-150.00/week

Food & beverages

Apple, Cortland, .10/lb
Applesauce, Mott’s, 1.00/five 15 oz jars
Bacon, A & P, .75-.95/lb
Beans, kidney, 1.00/five 20 oz cans
Beef, corned, .69/lb
Bread, Jane Parker, white, 1.00/three 22 oz loaves
Cake mix, Betty Crocker, 1.00/3 pkgs
Carrots, Western, fresh, .19/2 lbs
Cereal, Cap’n Crunch, .49/9 oz box
Cheese, Borden’s, American, .79/lb
Cornish hens, .39/lb
Coffee, 8 O’clock, 2.29/3 lb can
Grapefruit, seedless, .30/3
Juice, Orange, .39/half gallon carton
Ham, smoked, .39/lb
Ice cream, Hood, Sundae Cups, .99/bag of 12
Lamb, Leg of, .79/lb
Lettuce, Iceberg, .20/lb
Macraroni, Ronzoni, 1.00/five 1 lb boxes
Margarine, Fleischmann’s, .39/lb
Mayonnaise, Kraft, .39/qt jar
Milk, Carnation, instant dry, .99/10 qt. box
Oil, Wesson, .89/qt bottle
Pie, Cherry, .59/24 oz
Pork chops, .79/lb
Potatoes, Embassy, .59/5 lb bag
Soup, Lipton, chicken noodle mix, 1.00/four pkgs of two
Strawberries, .49/lb
Yams, .25/2 lbs


Bedroom set, Thomasville, 6 pieces, 599.00/set
Carpeting, broadloom, 9.00/sq yard
Chair, crushed velvet club, 99.00/each
Dining room set, Mediterranenan, pecan, 7 pieces, 599.00/set
Rug, oriental design, 9′ X 12′, 350.00/each
Sofa, French provincial, fruitwood, 299.00/each

Household & seasonal goods

Bleach, Clorox, 1.00/two large bottles
Chrysanthemums, .69/pot
Cleanser, Spray’n’Wash, 1.00/bottle
Curtains, fiberglass, 144″ X 90″, 15.00/pair
Drill, Black & Decker, 1/4, 7.00/each
Evergreens trees, 1.99/each
Fry pan, Teflon II, 1.19/each
Laundry detergent, Cheer, .83/three 1 oz pkgs
Napkins, Scott, 1.00/three 160 ct pkgs
Paint, Dutch Masters, 3.96/gallon
Rake, bamboo, 2.49/each
Refrigerator, Topmake, 128.00/each
Storm door, aluminum, 86.00/each
Tea kettle, push button whistling, 1.00/each
Toaster, Toastmaster, 4 slice, 23.88/each
Towels, super jumbo bath, 5.00/2 towels
Washing machine, Hotpoint, 128.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ]. 15/daily paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, Bufferin, .89/100 tablets
Cold medicine, Contac, .68-1.59/10 capsule package
Deodorant, Mitchum, 1.99/2 oz pkg
Hair color, New Dawn, 1.00/box
Hair curlers, General Electric, 14.88/set
Hair spray, Aqua-net, 1.00/two 13 oz bottles
Mouthwash, Listerine, 1.00/20 oz bottle
Q-Tips, 1.00/three 54 count boxes
Razor set, Wilkinson, bonded, 2.00/each
Shampoo, VO5, .99/15 oz bottle
Tissues, Kleenex, .25/200 ct box
Toothpaste, Crest, 1.00/25 oz tube
Vitamins, .149/365 tablets

Real estate

Houses for sale
Parsippany, Normandy Village, bi-level, 4 bedrooms, 51,900.00
Randolph, 5 rooms, brick, 18,900.00
Rockaway, Bi-level, 4 bedrooms, 28,900.00
Houses for rent
Denville, cape, 2 bedrooms, 275.00/month
Lake Hiawatha, 7 rooms, 300.00/month
White Meadow Lake, 3 bedrooms, 250.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Lake Hopatcong, 3 rooms, 175.00/month
Wharton, 4 rooms, 175.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Bicycle, 3 speed, 40.95/each
Camera, Kodak, Instamatic, 9.99/each
8 track tapes (music), 2.99/each
Doll, “Chrissy,” 7.77/each
Game, Milton Bradley, “Grab-a-Loop,” 1.47-4.29/each
Movie camera, Ansomatic, Super 8, 399.00/each
Movie ticket, 1.00/each
Piano, rental, 1.00/week
Record albums (music), 1.99/each
Tape recorder, Panasonic, 29.95/each
Television, 23″, color, 299.00/each
Toy, Matchbox cars, 1.00/4 cars
Walkie-talkie set, 8.99/each