Mercury, Montego, 2 door, 4,281.00
Plymouth, Duster, 2,275.00
Volvo, 4,050.00

1970, Toyota, wagon, 4,595.00
1969, Chevrolet, Malibu, 1,695.00
1965, Triumph, Spitfire, 695.00


Men’s coat, tropical blend, 48.90-108.90/each
Men’s sandals, leather 2.81/pair
Men’s shorts, 5.99/pair
Men’s suit, Joshua Trent, tropical knit, 98.00-138.90/each
Women’s bathing suits, 2.00-15.00/each
Women’s dress, summer, 6.66-15.00/each
Women’s jacket, washable cotton, 10.90/each
Women’s jeans, Frontier, flair, 5.47/pair
Women’s shoes, dress pumps, 18.90/pair

Food & beverages

Bananas, .14/lb
Beef, shoulder roast, 1.39/lb
Bread, white, .29/lb loaf
Candy, Mason Dots, .19/8 oz box
Cantaloupe, .59/each
Cereal, General Mills, Cheerios, .51/15 oz box
Cheese, Borden, American singles, .89/lb
Cherries, Bing, .49/lb
Chicken, quartered, .59/lb
Coffee, Pantry Pride, .87/lb can
Cookies, Shop Rite, chocolate chip, .19/10 oz box
Crackers, Nabisco, Wheat Thins, .47/box
Cucumbers, .29/3
Frankfurters, Grand Union, .89/lb
Ham, Armour, canned, 3.79/3 lb can
Ice cream, Pantry Pride, .59/half gallon
Iced tea mix, Salada, .79/10 pack
Juice, Tropicana, orange, .69/gallon carton
Ketchup, Heinz, tomato, .37/20 oz bottle
Lettuce, Romaine, .39/large head
Margarine, Miracle Soft, .39/lb
Marshmallows, Royal White, .41/two 1 lb bags
Mayonnaise, Pantry Pride, .49/quart jar
Oranges, Valencia, California, .59/10
Salt, Grand Union, .08/26 oz box
Soup, Campbell’s, .16/10.5 oz can
Spaghetti, canned, Franco American, Spaghettios, .19/15 oz can
Waffles, Eggo, frozen, 1.00/three 11 oz pkgs
Watermelon, .09/lb
Yogurt, Tuscan, fruit, .19/8 oz cup


Bed, bunk, 29.95/set
Carpeting, Kodel, polyester pile, 5.99/square yard
Chair, upholstered, wing back, 150.00-228.00/each
Dining room set, 159.00-175.00/each
Lamp, swag, 3.88/each
Lawn chair, aluminum, 4.44/each; chaise, 6.66/each
Mattress, Simmons, Eclipse, twin size, 34.50/each
Picnic table, redwood, with 2 benches, 24.99/set
Rug, nylon, oval braided, 6′ X 9′, 25.00/each
Sofa, 303.00-435.00/each
Sofa, sleeper, Broyhill, 199.95/each

Garden & lawn equipment

Bug killer, Rid-O-Tay, electronic, 79.99-89.95/each
Concrete, 1.11/75 lb bag
Grill, Charmglow, gas, 99.95/each
Hose, garden, 1/2″ X 50′, 1.69/each
Hose nozzle, Menlor, .49/each
Insecticide, Raid, House and Garden, .54/13.5 oz can
Lawn tractor, Massey-Ferguson, 595.00/each

Household goods

Ammonia, Parson’s, .23/28 oz bottle
Bleach, Clorox, .55/gallon
Charcoal, .94/20 lb bag
Dish detergent, Octagon, .49/1 quart, 1 pint bottle
Dishwasher, GE, built-in, 219.95/each
Fan, Galaxy, portable, 20″, 11.88/each
Ice cube tray, metal, .91/each
Laundry detergent, Ajax, .59/3 lb box
Paint, house & fence, 2.22/gallon
Paper cups, Dixie, Riddle, .69/100 count bag
Paper towels, Bounty, .39/2 rolls
Range, GE, double, 429.95/each
Refrigerator, Philco-Ford, upright, side by side, 359.88/each
Scouring pads, S.O.S., .22/10 pack
Towels, bath, 1.44/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, Dial-A-matic, 69.00/each
Washing machine, GE, heavy duty, 188.88/each

Personal care & health

Aspirin, Excedrin, .99/100 count bottle
Deodorant, Sure, super dry, .94/container
Hair curlers, Lady Schick, electric mist, 14.88/set
Hair spray, VO-5, 1.33/16 oz can
Mouth wash, Scope, .99/24 oz bottle
Razor blades, Gillette, .65/5 pack
Shampoo, Breck, .99/15 oz bottle
Skin cream, Noxema, .79/6 oz jar
Soap, Ivory, .39/four 3.5 oz bars
Q-Tips, .47/170 count box
Toothpaste, Pepsodent, .49/7 oz tube
Vitamins, GNC, multi-vitamin, 1.79/100 count bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Convent Station, 4 bedroom, split, 65,900.00
Mount Arlington, 3 bedroom, 39,900.00
Randolph, 4 bedroom, bi-level, 52,900.00
Houses for rent
Lake Hiawatha, 2 or 3 bedrooms, 310.00/month
Morris Twp., 6 rooms, ranch, 450.00/month
Whippany, 3 bedrooms, ranch, 350.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Boonton, 3 bedrooms, 300.00/month
Denville, 4 rooms, 275.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Acapulco, 7 day trip, airfare & hotel, 279.00/person
Bicycle, Raleigh, Triumph, 10 speed, 97.95/each
Dinner, Lord Nelson’s [Parsippany NJ], hot buffet, 3.95/person
Fishing rod set, 2.97-5.20/each
Movie ticket, Cinema 10 [Succusunna NJ], 1.50/”early bird” shows
Record album (music), 3.67-5.98/each
Stereo, AM/FM radio, 8 track player, 70.00-150.00/each
Swimming pool, Aquatique, above ground, 15′ X 48′, 179.98/each
Television, color, 25″, 359.95/each

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1973? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County, New Jersey], November 20, 1973.

Meat, fowl & fish
Bacon, 1.19/lb
Beef, roast, 1.30/lb
Chicken, legs, 69 cents/lb
Ham, Armour, 3.99/3 lb can
Pork, boneless loin roast, 1.30/lb
Sausage, Jamestown, 69 cents/lb
Shrimp, frozen, 2.49/lb Turkey, Butterball, 73 cents/lb

Asparagus, Seabrook, frozen, 29 cents/9 oz pkg
Broccoli, 39 cents/bunch
Carrots, 39 cents/ two 1 lb bags
Corn, S&W, 89 cents/four 16 oz cans
Olives, stuffed, 85 cents/12 oz jar
Onions, white, 29 cents/lb
Peas, Green Giant, frozen, 37 cents/10 oz pkg
Potatoes, 69 cents/5 lb bag
Sweet potatoes, 19 cents/lb
Turnips, yellow, 12 cents/lb
Fruits & nuts
Apples, McIntosh, 1.00/3 lbs
Chestnuts, 59 cents/lb
Cranberries, 29 cents/lb
Cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray, 25 cents/lb can
Dates, Grand Union, 39 cents/8 oz pkg
Grapefruit, 69 cents/5
Oranges, 39 cents/10
Pears, Anjou, 1.00/3 lbs
Walnuts, Diamond, 69 cents/lb

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Butter, Land O’Lakes, 69 cents/lb
Cheese, cheddar, Borden, 73 cents/8 oz pkg
Cheese, cream, Kraft, 53 cents/8 oz container
Cheese spreads, Kraft, Swanky Swig, 39 cents/5 oz jar
Cream, heavy, 39 cents/half pint
Margarine, Fleischmann’s, 89 cents/two 1 lb pkgs

Cake, Angel, 69 cents/12 oz pkg
Cake, Fruit Cake Bar, 1.29/21 oz pkg
Cookies, Nabisco, Mallomars 53 cents/8 oz pkg
Pie, pumpkin, Sara Lee, 79 cents/33 oz pkg
Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Brownie mix, Duncan Hines, 63 cents/23 oz box
Flour, Pillsbury, 69 cents/5 lb bag
Fruit cake mix, Blend-O-Fruit, 69 cents/lb pkg
Pie crust, Morton, 35 cents/10 oz pkg
Pumpkin, Libby’s, 49 cents/two 16 oz cans
Sugar, Sucrest, 49 cents/5 lb bag

Champagne, California, 1.89/fifth size bottle
Cider, Apple, 69 cents/gal
Coffee, Chock Full of Nuts, 1.69/2 lb can
Coffee, Maxwell House, instant, 1.09/10 oz jar
Egg Nog, Finast, 69 cents/qt
Juice, Cranberry, Ocean Spray, 69 cents/1 qt 1 pt bottle
Water, Great Pear, 39 cents/gal

“Rejuvenate Leftover Turkey With New Dressing
So you’ve enjoyed those large slices of leftover turkey in cold or hot turkey sandwiches and now you’re down to the those last savory morsels. What to do? The problem in using up the final pieces of turkey is that most of the accompanying leftovers are long since gone. The gravy, the cranberry sauce and especially the stuffing generally disappear much ahead of the meat on a large turkey. New recipe ideas are in order. Here’s a suggestion that will bring back memories of the original feast because it depends on the creation of a fresh, imaginative stuffing mix which will literally revitalize the taste of the remaining bits of poultry. With today’s ready-to-use, pre-seasoned stuffing it makes great sense to substitute a freshly baked stuffing with turkey leftovers. This recipe is also ideal for later use. Simply freeze the final tidbits and collect the other ingredients so you’ll be ready for a delicious hot meal on one of those upcoming Christmas shopping nights. While the stuffing ring is baking, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare the turkey a la king filling.

Stuffing Ring With Turkey A La King
1 package (8 ounces) herb seasoned stuffing
1 can (10 3/4 ounces) condensed chicken broth
4 eggs, well beaten
1 cup milk
2 cans (10 3/4 ounces) condensed cream of chicken soup
2 cups diced cooked turkey
1 jar (4 ounces) pimiento, drained and diced
1 package (10 ounces) frozen peas.
In a bowl, mix stuffing, chicken broth, eggs and milk. Pour mixture into a well greased 6 cup ring mold. Bake in a preheated oven (350 degrees) for 40 minutes or until puffed and brown. While ring is baking, combine remaining ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until piping hot and peas are cooked. Unmold ring on a platter pour turkey a la king into a bowl and place in center of ring. Cut ring into sections and spoon turkey a la king over stuffing. Makes 6 servings.”
Daily Record, [Morristown, N.J.] November 21, 1973 (p. 6)