Honda Civic, 4,299.00
Plymouth, Voyager Van, 6,419.00
Pontiac, Sunbird, Sport Hatch, 2,470.00
1977, Buick Regal, 1,300.00
1976, Toyota Corolla, 2,600.00
1973, AMC Gremlin, 1,750.00


Boy’s swim suit, 2.88-4.99/each
Girl’s bathing suit, 9.98-20.00/each
Girl’s rugby shirt, 4.98-8.98/each
Men’s necktie, 2.00-8.50/each
Men’s painter’s pants, 6.98/pair
Men’s shirt, sport, 2.99-3.99/each
Men’s slacks, gabardine, 8.00-9.99/pair
Men’s sport coat, 49.90-90.00/each
Men’s sport shirt, 2.99-3.99/each
Men’s suit, 59.88-110.50/each
Jeans, Wrangler, 5.98/pair
Tennis shoes, Fred Perry, 14.99-21.95/pair
Women’s shoes, Red Cross, 9.99-16.99/pair
Women’s short sleeve tops, 2.99-3.99/each
Women’s shorts, 2.98/pair
Women’s swim suit, 12.00-42.00/each


Billing clerk, 9,200.00/year
File clerk, 6,240.00/year
Insurance accountant, 18,000.00/year
Insurance underwriter, property/casualty, 26,000.00/year
Receptionist-typist, 10,000.00/year
Sales, telephone, 3.00/hour
Secretary, 11,700.00-12,700.00/year

Food & beverages

Apples, Granny Smith, .29/lb
Bacon, Jones, 1.89/lb
Beef, sirloin steak, 1.49/lb
Bread, rye, .79/2 lb loaf
Cake, Pepperidge Farm, layer, 1.19/17 oz pkg
Cake mix, Betty Crocker, .59/18.5 oz pkg
Cereal, Cheerios, .69/15 oz box
Cheese, Borden, American singles, 1.49/16 oz pkg
Cherries, Bing, .69/lb
Chicken, mixed parts, .49/lb
Coffee, Savarin, 2.30/lb
Eggs, .59/dozen
Fish, tuna, Chicken of the Sea, .59/6.5 oz can
Frankfurters, Toban’s, 1.69/lb
Ham, smoked, rump cut, 1.09/lb
Juice, Minute Maid, orange, .79/12 oz can
Lettuce, iceberg, .48/large head
Marshmallows, Ann Page, .49/16 oz pkg
Mustard, Gulden’s, spicy brown, .26/8 oz jar
Onions, 1.00/5 lbs
Oranges, .99/10
Peaches, 1.00/3
Pickles, B & G, .99/quart
Pie, Mrs. Smith, apple, .99/26 oz box
Pork & beans, Campbell’s, 1.00/four 16 oz cans
Potato chips, Wise, .69/8 oz bag
Potatoes, .98/5 lb bag
Soda, C & C cola, .69/six 12 oz cans
Watermelon, .10/lb
Yogurt, Light & Lively, 1.00/three 8 oz cups


Air conditioner, Emerson, Quiet Kool, 5000 BTU, 159.95/each
Aluminum wrap, Reynolds, 1.00/three 25′ rolls
Bleach, Clorox, .59/64 oz bottle
Carpet, DuPont, high fashion, 8.99-12.99/square yard
Dishwasher, GE, 169.95/each
Disinfectant, Lysol spray, 1.79/18 oz can
Food processor, General Electric, 14.99/each
Laundry detergent, Tide, 1.99/3 lb box
Microwave oven, Tappan, 269.95/each
Paint, Lucite, house, 7.99-11.99/gallon
Paper plates, Marvel, 9″, .88/100 ct pkg
Paper towels, Scott, .59/119 sheet roll
Range, Magic Chef, gas, 30″, 290.00/each
Refrigerator, 10 cu ft, 249.95/each
Washing machine, GE, 179.95/each

Lawn & garden

Candle, citronella, patio, .49-.79/each
Chair, aluminum folding, 5.44/each
Charcoal briquettes, Mr. Bar-B-Q, 2.29-2.89/20 lb bag
Charcoal lighter fluid, .49-.79/quart can
Hose, garden, Black & White, 50′, 5.88/each
Lawn & plant food, Triple Green, 2.77-3.99/40 lb bag
Lawn sprinkler, Nelson Beta Rain, Impulse, 5.88-8.49/each
Lawnmower, Rickels Deluxe, 21″, 88.88-129.99/each
Wheelbarrow, 3 cu ft, 11.77-15.99/each


.10/daily paper

Personal care & health

Antacid, Rolaids, tablets, .53/pkg 3 rolls
Aspirin, Excedrin, 1.44/100 count bottle
Band Aids, .79/60 count pkg
Cleansing cream, Pond’s, 1.19/8 oz
Deodorant, Ban Roll-On, 1.29/2.5 oz container
Diapers, disposible, Johnson’s, 1.49/12 pack
Hair dryer, 1200 watt, 9.99/each
Hair spray, Vidal Sassoon, 1.49, 8 oz container
Mouthwash, Signal, 1.00/18 oz bottle
Razor blades, Gillette Trac II, .83/5
Shampoo, Vidal Sassoon, 1.49-8 oz bottle
Suntan lotion, Coppertone, 1.49-1.89/4 oz bottle
Toothpaste, Aim, 1.00/8.2 oz tube
Vaseline, .99/7.5 oz jar
Vitamins, Unicap, 3.29/120 count bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Lake Hopatcong, 4 bedrooms, ranch, 48,500.00
Madison, 3 bedrooms, ranch, 72,000.00
Rockaway, 4 bedrooms, colonial, 66,900.00
Houses for rent
White Meadow Lake, 6 rooms, 300.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Flanders, Oakwood Village, 1 bedroom, 260.00/month
Morris Plains, 2 bedroms, 365.00/month
Succasunna, room, 40.00/week

Recreation & amusements

Bicycle, Raleigh, Sprite, 10 speed, 109.95/each
Book, James Michener’s Chesapeake, 12.95/each
CB, Realistic, 99.95-199.95/each
Camera, Pentax K2, SLR, 300.00/each
Canoe, aluminum & fiberglass, 12′, 145.00/each
Dinner, Longhorn Restaurant [Jefferson, NJ], 4.95/person
Dinner theater, Birchwood Manor, [Whippany, NJ], 14.95/person
Guitar & banjo lessons, New Music Box [Kenvil, NJ], 14.00/month July 4th concert & fireworks, Morristown High School Athletic Field, 1.00/admission
Movie, Rockaway 6, 1.50/child; 2.75/adult
Movie camera, Kodak Ektrasound 130, 99.95/each
NJ Ballet, Chatham Borough High School, 3.00-5.00/ticket
Radio, pocket, 2.99-5.95/each
Record album, 4.37-7.98/each
Television, Sony, 19″, color, 399.99
Tennis racquette, Davis Duke, 39.95-60.00/each