Datsun 280ZX, 10,654.00
Pontiac Grand Lemans Sedan, 7,455.00
Toyota Celica ST Coupe, 5,596.00

1977, Jeep, CJ5 Renegade, 4,995.00
1975, Oldsmobile, Delta 88, 2,495.00
1971, Ford, Pinto, 750.00


Girl’s shoes, clogs, 10.99-16.00/pair
Junior’s jacket, “Poodle,” 53.99-70.00/each
Men’s jeans, Levi’s, 13.00-19.99/pair
Men’s shirt, acrylic, 9.00-30.00/each
Men’s shirt, flannel, 7.99-9.99/each
Men’s sport coat, 35.00-95.00/each
Men’s suit, with vest, 150.00-250.00/each
Men’s sweater, 16.00-28.00/each
Misses’ pants suit, 110.00-180.00/each
Misses’ sweater coat, 21.00-38.00/each
Running shoes, Adidas, 29.99/pair
Women’s blazer, velveteen, 39.00-55.00/each
Women’s blouse, 22.00/each
Women’s dress, 19.99/each
Women’s jeans, 12.99-40.00/each
Women’s shoes, Candies, 12.00-26.00/pair
Women’s skirt, 10.99-45.00/each
Women’s slacks, corduroy, 19.00-37.00/pair


Accountant, 300.00/week
Bank teller, 130.00/week
Chemist, 20,000.00/year
Executive secretary, 15,000.00/year
File clerk, 130.00/week
Legal secretary, 160.00/week
Management trainee, 900.00/month
Plumber, 10.00/hour
Receptionist, 170.00/week
Secretary, 200.00/week

Food & beverages

Apples, Delicious, .99/3 lb bag
Bacon, ShopRite, .99/lb
Beef, chuck roast, 1.49/lb
Bread, ShopRite, white, .29/22 oz loaf
Cake, Sara Lee, 1.09/10 oz pkg
Cake mix, Betty Crocker, .59/18.5 oz box
Cereal, Cheerios, .99/15 oz box
Cheese, Borden, American slices, 1.09/12 oz pkg
Chocolate syrup, Hershey, .99/22 oz can
Coffee, Maxwell House, 2.89/lb can
Cold cuts, Pathmark, bologna, 1.39/lb
Cookies, Sunshine, Hydrox, 1.19/19 oz box
Cucumbers, 1.00/5
Fish, tuna, starkist, chunk light, .69/6.5 oz can
Frankfurters, Armour, .99/lb
Grapes, seedless, .59/lb
Juice, Hi-C, .49/46 oz can
Lemons, .59/6
Lettuce, iceberg, .39/head
Macaroni & Cheese, Kraft dinner, .87/three 7.25 oz boxes
Onions, Spanish, .25/lb
Peanut butter, Skippy, .99/18 oz jar
Pizza, Elio’s, 1.19/lb pkg
Pork & beans, Libby’s, .99/four 14 oz cans
Potatoes, .89/10 lb bag
Potatoes, Idahoan, instant, 1.19/2 oz box
Soda, Pepsi, 1.39/six 12 oz cans
SPAM, Hormel, 1.09/12 oz can
Tofu, .79/lb
Tomatoes, .59/lb
Tostitos, regular or nacho cheese, .79/6.5 oz bag
Whipped cream, Birds Eye, Cool Whip, .69/8 oz container
Yogurt, Light n’ Lively, .35/8 oz carton

Household & seasonal goods

Bleach, Clorox, .89/gallon
Cleanser, Comet, .29/14 oz container
Clothes dryer, Whirlpool, 199.99/each
Grass seed, Wear Green, 8.59/5 lb box
Laundry detergent, Ajax, 1.99/5 lb 4 oz box
Lawn mower, Sunbeam, 21″, 149.99-249.99/each
Microwave oven, Whirlpool, 279.00-329.00/each
Paint, Glidden, indoor, latex, 7.99-13.99/gallon
Paper towels, Bounty, .59/119 count roll
Rake, bamboo, 18″, 2.99-3.99/each
Range, Whirlpool, electric, 262.00-332.00/each
Refrigerator, Whirlpool, 479.00/each
Rhododendrons, 2 gallon containers, 6.66-8.99/each
Sheet set, percale, queen size, 16.99-25.00/set
Vacuum cleaner, Eureka, upright, 49.00-80.00/each
Washing machine, Whirlpool, 269.00/each


.20/daily paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, Bufferin, 1.38/400 count bottle
Cold medicine, Dristan, 1.19/24 count pkg
Deodorant, Sure, 1.19/2.5 oz can
Diapers, Pampers, disposible, 5.99/48 count box
Hair spray, Adorn, 1.29/9 oz container
Mouthwash, Listermint, 1.37-2.28/24 oz bottle
Permanent wave, Lilt, home treatment, 1.98/box
Razor, Norelco, electric, 34.96/each
Razor blades, Schick Super III, 1.99/15 count pkg
Shampoo, Ultra Max, 1.29/7 oz bottle
Toilet tissue, 1.00/three 1,000 count rolls
Toothbrush, Pepsodent, 1.00/4
Toothpaste, Aim, .99/8.2 oz tube
Vitamins, Pathmark, chewable, 1.79/two 100 count bottles

Real estate

Houses for sale
Montville, 4 bedrooms, ranch, 95,500.00
Morris Twp., 4 bedrooms, colonial, 139,900.00
Parsippany, 5 bedrooms, ranch, 135,900.00
Houses for rent
Boonton, 6 rooms, 600.00/month
Long Valley, 3 bedrooms, 475.00/month
Parsippany, 3 bedrooms, 500.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morris Plains, 2 bedrooms, 390.00/month
Randolph, 1 bedroom, 225.00/month
Rockaway Twp., 1 bedroom townhouse, 325.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Camera, Chinon, automatic SLR, 225.00-375.00/each
Computer, TRS-80, 4k, Model 1, 499.00/each
Dance lessons, Disco, 5.00/each
Dinner, Lombardi’s, [Randolph, NJ], prime rib, 7.95/each
Movie ticket, 1.20/first matineee
Record player with 8 track & radio, 195.00-300.00/each
Ski trip, Killington VT, includes accomdations, round trip bus ticket, meals & ski pass, 2 nights/3 days, 126.00/person
Skis, Rossignol, Free Style, 119.00-195.00/pair
Stereo, Pioneer, 40 watts, 499.95-610.00/each
Television, Philco, 19″, color, 285.00-400.00/each

School supplies

Binder, canvas, 1.5″, 1.39/each
Composition book, .69/100 sheets
Construction paper, .99/96 sheets
Crayons, Crayola, .88/64 count box
Loose leaf paper, .89/300 sheets
Lunch bags, ShopRite, .59/100 count pkg
Notebooks, spiral bound, 4 subjects, .49-.97/each
Organizer, 2.99/each
Pencil case, .80/each
Pens, Papermate, .99/10 pack
Scotch tape, .44/1,100 foot roll