Buick Regal, 8,085.00
Buick Grand Prix, 7,727.00
Plymoth Volare, 5,888.00
1975, Ford, Pinto Squire, 1,995.00
1974, Chevy Malibu Classic, 1,575.00
1973, Pontiac Firebird, 2,495.00


Men’s boots, Cowboy, 29.99-40.00/pair
Men’s jeans, Levi’s, 13.30-27.00/pair
Men’s neckties, Resillo, 7.50-15.00/each
Men’s shirt, Hahne’s, dress, 13.50-18.50/each
Men’s suit, wool worsted, 425.00/each
Misses’ velour shirt, Mandee, 8.99-13.98
Women’s coat, full-length dress, 80.00-220.00/each
Women’s jacket, fake fur, 39.99/each
Women’s pants, acrylic, 6.99 & 9.99/pair
Women’s pants, corduroy, 15.00-23.00/pair
Women’s shirt, Oxford, 11.00-15.00/each

Employment & services

Artist, graphic, 225.00-250.00/week
Machinist, Westinghouse, 7.45/hour
Librarian, Randolph High School, long term substitute, 35.00/day
Life Insurance, 200,000 benefit, 298.00/year (male, age 35, nonsmoker)
Orthodontist assistant, 6.00/hour
Payroll clerk, 13,500.00/year
Secretary, 200.00/week
Security guards, Wells Fargo, 3.47-5.00/hour
Welder, 7.87/hour

Food & beverages

Apple, Red Delicious, .59/lb
Bacon, Armour, 1.39/half lb
Bananas, Dole, 1.00/3 lbs
Beef, top sirloin, 2.79/lb
Bread, pumpernickel, 1.00/two 16 oz loaves
Butter, Land O’Lakes, 1.99/lb
Cake mix, Betty Crocker, .69/18.5 oz box
Cereal, Post Raisin Bran, 1.19/20 oz box
Cheese, Borden, American singles, 1.59/lb
Cocoa, Nestle’s, 1.59/14 oz pkg
Coffee, 8 O’Clock, 1.99/lb
Cookies, Nabisco, Nutter Butter, .89/13.5 oz box
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, .99/16 oz box
Eggs, Cumberland Farms, large, .83/dozen
Fish, Chicken of the Sea, tuna, solid white, .99/7 oz can
Fish, Gorton’s, frozen fish sticks, 1.69/12 oz box
Flour, Pillsbury, .89/5 lb bag
Grapes, Sweet Tokay, .59/lb
Jelly, Smuckers, .99/3 lb jar
Juice, Minute Maid, Orange, frozen, .79/2 oz can
Ketchup, Heinz, .89/2 lb bottle
Margarine, Parkay, .39/lb
Onions, yellow, .79/5 lb bag
Oranges, Sunkist, large, 1.00/8
Pickles, Vlasic, Polish Spears, .99/24 oz jar
Pizza, Elio’s frozen,.69/12 oz pkg
Potato chips, Lay’s, 1.49/16 oz bag
Potatoes, No. 1, Eastern White, 1.49/ten lb bag
Salad dressing, Pfeiffer, .49/8 oz bottle
Soup, Nestle, Souptime, dry mix, .49/4 pack
Tea, Tetley, 1.69/125 count package
Yogurt, La Yogurt, 1.00/three 6 oz containters


Bed, twin, 169.88/each
Bedroom set, maple, 2 pieces, 229.00/set
Chair, wicker, “peacock” style, 49.99-79.99/each
Dinette, modern, 7 piece, 812.00/set
Dining room set, “Mediterranean,” 5 piece, 399.99-499.99/set
Dresser, colonial, maple, 159.99-179.99/each
Mattress, twin, firm, 65.00/each
Rug, oriental design, 8′ X 12′, 199.00-399.00/each
Sofa, contemporary, 299.99-449.99/each
Table, Parson’s, 75.00/each

Household & seasonal goods

Blanket, electric, full size, single control, 29.99-50.00/each
Carpet, Sears, 9.99/sq yard
Chrysanthemums, 1.89/pot
Clothes dryer, Kenmore, electric, 229.00/each
Coffee maker, Mr. Coffee, 12 cup, 29.97-39.95/each
Detergent, Ajax, 1.99/5 lb 4 oz box
Disinfectant spray, Lysol, 1.99/18 oz container
Fireplace logs, A&P brand, 6.96/6 log case
Garage door opener, 159.95/each
Laundry detergent, Tide, 1.89/49 oz box
Lawn tractor, 10 HP, 899.00/each
Microwave oven, Sharp, 1.53 cu ft, 499.00-575.00/each
Rake, bamboo, 30″, 4.99-6.99/each
Range, Kenmore, electric, 299.95/each
Refrigerator, Kenmore, 17 cu ft, 449.95-639.95/each
Sewing machine, Kenmore, 159.95/each
Toilet, water saver, 49.99/each
Towels, bath, terry, 2.99/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, Deluxe Dial-a-Matic, 889.99-160.00/each
Washing machine, Kenmore, large capacity, 289.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ].25/daily paper

Personal care & health

Antacid, Maalox, liquid, 1.89/12 oz bottle
Aspirin, Bayer, 1.49/100 count bottle
Cold medicine, Contac, .99/18 count pkg
Contact lenses, Bausch & Lomb, “Ultrathin Soflens,” 39.00/pair
Curling iron, Gillette, 7.99-9.90/each
Denture cleaner, Efferdent, tablets, 2.29/96 count bottle
Deodorant, Sure solid, 1.79/2 oz container
Hair dryer, Sunbeam, 1200 watt, 9.97-12.70/each
Mouthwash, Signal, 1.00/18 oz bottle
Shampoo, Faberge Organics, .99/15oz bottle
Toilet paper, Charmin, 1.09/4 roll pkg
Toothbrush, Pepsodent, .99/3 brushes
Toothpaste, Aim, 1.00/6.4 oz tube

Real estate

Houses for sale
Boonton, colonial, 3 bedrooms, 62,000.00
East Hanover, 7 rooms, 95,500.00
Morris Two., 4 bedrooms, ranch with inground pool, 83,500.00
Houses for rent
Hopatcong, 6 rooms, 475.00/month
Montville, 3 bedrooms, 725.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Hopatcong, 6 rooms, 475.00/month
Madison, 4 rooms, 400.00/month
Morristown, 3 rooms, 200.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Basketball, 9.99/each
Basketball backboard, 29.99/each
Bicycle, Saxon Gemini, 10 speed, 26″, 69.88/each
Breakfast, IHOP, .99-1.95/person
Dinner, Larison’s Turkey Farm, 3.75/children under 8; 7.50/adult
Game, Milton Bradley, Hangman, 6.97/each
Movies, Rockaway 6, 1.25/ticket
Record album (music), 4.49/each
Television, color, 19″, 379.95/each
Toy, Etch-a-Sketch, 4.97/each
Toy, Lego, Duplo Village, 17.43-21.79/set
Toy, Rubick’s Cube puzzle, 9.99/each
Toy, Tonka truck, “Mighty Dump,” 10.38-12.97/each