Datsun, Stanza, 6,680.00
Dodge, Colt, 6,194.00
Volkswagen, Rabbit, diesel, 7,495.00
1979, Pontiac, Trans Am, 7,999.99
1978, Buick Regal, 5,797.00
1977, Pontiac, Bonneville, 3,999.00


Boy’s jeans, 7.50/pair
Men’s coat, all-weather, 64.00/each
Men’s sport coat, camel hair, 215.00/each
Men’s suit, 4 piece, Epstein’s, 194.98/each
Men’s shirt, flannel, 9.50/each
Men’s sweater, 20.00/each
Women’s coat, Forecaster, 69.88/each
Women’s dress, 30.00-102.00/each
Women’s pajamas, 16.00/pair
Women’s shirt, “Judy Bond,” 28.00/each

Food & beverages

Apple, red delicious, 1.19/3 lb bag
Bacon, 1.29/lb
Bananas, 1.00/3 lbs
Beef, sirloin filet, 1.86/lb
Bread, .59/lb loaf
Butter, Land-O-Lakes, .99/8 oz
Chocolate syrup, Hershey’s, .69/16 oz can
Coffee, Eight-O-Clock, 1.49/lb
Corn, Green Giant, canned, .89/two 17 oz cans
Crackers, Keebler, Town House, 1.29/16 oz box
Eggs, .95/dozen
Fish, flounder fillets, 1.66/each
Flour, Pillsbury, .89/5 lbs
Ham, smoked, .89/lb
Honey, Orange Blossom, .99/lb bottle
Jelly, Kraft, grape, .99/32 oz jar
Juice, Ocean Spray, 1.69/64 oz bottle
Lamb, leg, 1.49/lb
Ketchup, Heinz, .89/24 oz bottle
Macaroni & cheese, Kraft dinner, 1.00/three 7.5 oz boxes
Margarine, Parkay, .39/lb
Mayonnaise, Kraft, 1.39/32 oz jar
Onions, yellow, 1.00/4 lbs
Oranges, California navel, 1.00/10
Potatoes, white, #1, 1.25/10 lb bag
Ravioli, Celentino, frozen, .89/9 oz pkg
Soda, Pepsi Cola, 1.39/2 litre bottle
Tea, Lipton, 1.69/100 count box
TV dinner, Swanson, Salisbury steak, .79/11 oz pkg
Yogurt, .25/8 oz can


Bedroom set, 6 piece, Ethan Allen, pine, 2,997.00/set
Carpet, 12.79-30.49/square yard
Chair, Barcolounger, velvet recliner, 325.00/each
Chair, Ethan Allen, pine, 197.00/each
Sofa, 89″, multi pillow back, 892.00/each
Table, Ethan Allen, cocktail, oak, 227.00/each

Household & seasonal goods

Bleach, Purex, .59/gallon
Christmas gift wrap, 1.99-2.60/50 ft roll
Christmas tree, artificial, Scotch Pine, 6.5′, 19.99-31.95/each
Clean air machine, Norelco, 19.99-24.49/each
Coffee maker, G.E., Coffeematic II, 21.88-25.88/each
Comforter, down, twin, 78.00/each
Convection oven, Moulinex, 120.00/each
Dish detergent, Ivory, 1.39/32 oz bottle
Freezer, Sears, 9 cu ft, 289.95/each
Laundry detergent, Tide, 1.69/49 oz jug
Pasta machine, Osrow, 120.00/each
Pointsettia plants, 4.99/6″ pot
Popcorn popper, Wear Ever, 19.88-24.88/each
Toaster, G.E., 2 slice, 14.99-17.99/each

Personal care & health

Deodorant, Mennen, Speed Stick, 1.29/2.5 oz pkg
Shampoo, Enhance, 1.59/8 oz bottle
Tissue, Kleenex, .69/200 count box
Toilet paper, Scott, 1.00/three 1,000 sheet rolls
Toothpaste, .79/7 oz tube
Vitamins, Radiance, Children’s, 1.49/100 count bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Florham Park, 3 bedrooms, split level, 84,600.00
Hibernia, 3 bedrooms, 1 acre, 64,900.00
Lake Parsippany, 2 bedrooms, 57,500.00
Houses for rent
Denville, 3 bedrooms, 350.00/month
Dover, 6 room duplex, 495.00/month
Lake Hopatcong, 3 bedrooms, 550.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Boonton, 1 room, 220.00/month
Madison, 3 rooms, 300.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Airline flight, Delta, Newark-Florida, 124.00/one way
Atari Home Video Station [game], 149.00-179.00/each; games, 19.99/each
Bicycle, BMX, 109.95-159.95/each
Camera, Polaroid, instant, 39.00/each
Computer, Radio Shack, TRS-80, Model III, 999.00/each
Dinner, The Old Morris Canal [Stanhope NJ], lobster or prime rib, 6.95/plate
Doll, Golden Dreams Barbie, 8.49/each
Fisher Price Jet Port, 16.99/each
Hot Wheels Sto-N-Go City, 19.99/each
Legoland Gas Station kit, 15.36/each
Movie, Morris County Mall, 2.00/matinee ticket
Rubic’s Cube, 3.99/each
Tape recorder, G.E., cassette, 29.95-42.95/each
Television, Zenith, 19″, color, 348.00
Videocassette recorder, Sharp, 599.00-950.00/each

Tobacco & alcohol

Beaujoulais Nouveau, Georges Du Beauf, 4.79/bottle
Johnnie Walker Red, 7.59/750 mi bottle
Piels light beer, 5.50/24 bottle case
No tobacco ads in these papers

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1981? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], November 22, 1981 Meat, fowl & fish
Beef, rib roast, 2.79/lb
Beef, ground, 1.39/lb
Chicken, Perdue, Oven Stuffer, .79/lb
Cocktail weiners, Oscar Meyer, .99/lb pkg
Cornish hens, .99/lb
Ham, Patrick Cudahy, canned, $7.99/5 lb can
Lamb, leg, 1.99/lb
Oysters, Maryland, 1.79/8 oz cup
Pork chops, 1.59/lb
Sausage, Jones, 1.89/lb
Shrimp, medium, 3.99/lb
Turkey, Swift’s Butterball, .77/lb

Celery, Pascal, .69/bunch
Beans & Almonds, Birds Eye, frozen, .85/9 oz pkg
Broccoli, large, .69/bunch
Cauliflower, Birds Eye, frozen, .69/10oz pkg
Corn, Del Monte, cream, .39/1 lb 1 oz can
Greens, turnip, .39/lb
Olives, stuffed, .69/5 3/4 oz jar
Onions, white, .39/lb
Peas, LeSeuer, .49/1 lb 1 oz can
Pickles, Vlasic, 1.39/32 oz jar
Potatoes, Idaho, .99/5 lb bag
Sauerkraut, Pathmark, .49/2 lb bag
Soup, Lipton Onion, .69/2 3/4 oz box
Squash, acorn, .29/lb
Sweet potatoes, Mrs. Paul’s, candied, .99/1 lb 4 oz pkg
Tomatoes, .59/lb
Turnips, wax, .15/lb
Yams, fresh, .39/lb Fruits
Apples, Rome, .49/lb
Bananas, 1.00/3 lbs
Cranberries, .68/lb
Cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray, .43/lb can
Figs, 1.49/pkg
Grapefruit, 10.00/4
Grapes, Red Emperor, .88/lb
Oranges, navel, .99/doz
Peaches, .99/two 16 oz cans
Pears, Anjou, .69/lb
Tangelos, 1.00/8

Date nut roll, Sun Grant, 1.19/7 oz pkg
Fruit cocktail, del Monte, .79/30 oz can
Gelatin, Jell-O, .89/three 3 oz pkgs
Ice cream, Bryers, 2.59/half gal
Pie, Jane Parker, apple, 1.39/22 oz pkg
Pie, pumpkin, 8″, $1.99/each

Dairy & cheese
Butter, Hotel bar, $1.70/lb
Cheese, Kraft, Swiss, slices, 1.49/6 oz pkg
French Onion Dip, .99/2 eight oz bowls
Margarine, Flesichmann’s, .11/lb pkg
Sour cream, Pathmark, .69/pt
Whipped cream, Cook Whip, .89/8 oz tub Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Cake mix, Pathmark, .59/1 lb 2.5 oz box
Chocolate morsels, Nestles, 1.99/12 oz pkg
Cocktail Sauce, Sau Sea, .89/jar
Crisco, 2.19/3 lb can
Flour, Pillsbury, .79/5 lb bag
Garlic, cloves, 1.00/3
Gravymaster, 1.00/two 2 oz bottles
Oil, Wesson, 1.79/1 qt 6 oz bottle
Pie crust mix, Flako, .39/10 oz box
Pie filling, Comstock, apple, .89/21 oz can
Pie shells, Pet Ritz, .89/12 oz pkg
Rolls, Sara Lee, Croissant, 1.29/6 oz tube
Stuffing mix, Pepperidge Farm/Arnold’s, 1.19/15 oz pkg
Sugar, Domino, .1.00/two 1 lb boxes

Cider, Zeigler’s, 2.99/wt
Cocoa mix, 1.49/1 lb 7 oz can
Coffee, Maxwell House, 1.69/lb
Egg Nog, .99/qt
Juice, Minute Maid, apple, frozen, .99/12 oz can
Juice, Minute Maid, orange, 1.59/64 oz
Juice, Ocean Spray, grapefruit, 1.49/half gal bottle
Soda, Canada Dry, ginger ale, .59/28 oz bottle
Soda, Coca Cola, 1.19/2 litre bottle
Water, Perrier, .69/23 oz bottle

Start a new Thanksgiving Day tradition: Brunch at The Parsippany Hilton. The food and ambiance of our Thanksgiving brunch will give you something to talk about all year round. You’ll find culinary creations that will excite your senses. From smoked Nova Scotia salmon, croissants and brioche for breakfast lovers, To Turkey Coupe Remonte, steramship of beef, cheese and wine for lunch lovers. And a lavish smorgasbord surrounding attractive ice sculptures done in a Thanksgiving motif. All this and more is yours from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., November 26. $11.95 per person, $5.95 for children.”—display ad, Daily Record, November 22, 1981 (p. D2)

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