Chevrolet Chevette, 5,289.00
Ford Mustang, convertible, 13,499.00
Mercury Topaz, 7,999.00
Used, Buick Regal, 1977, 2,790.00
Used, Pontiac Grand Prix, 1980, 5,895.00
Used, Volkswagen Rabbit, 1979, 3,290.00
Motor oil, Halvoline Supreme, .89/quart
Tires, Sears, Superguard belted, 24.99-71.99/each


Men’s blazer, polyester-wool, 99.00/each
Men’s suit, dacron-wool blend, 179.95/each
Women’s dress, 22.00-112.00/each
Women’s dress shoes, 27.00-82.00/pair
Women’s handbags, canvas, 18.99-29.00/each
Boy’s jeans, Lee, 10.95/pair
Children’s shoes, 14.99/pair

Food & beverages

Apples, Granny Smith, .69/lb
Bacon, Shop Rite, 1.19/lb
Beans, baked, Hanover .99/4 14.5 oz cans
Beef, ground, extra lean, 1.87/lb
Bread, .59/20 oz loaf
Cereal, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, 1.89/19 oz box
Cheese, Borden singles, 1.89/lb
Chicken, Purdue Oven Stuffer, .79/lb
Coffee, Hills Brothers, 1.79/13 oz can
Cookies, Nabisco Oreos, 1.89/20 oz pkg
Corn, Green Giant, .63/12 oz can
Eggs, .89/dozen
Fish, cod fillets, fresh, 1.99/lb
Hot dogs, Oscar Mayer, 1.39/lb
Ice cream, Dolly Madison, 1.99/half gallon
Juice, Hawaiian Punch, .59/46 oz can
Juice, orange, Minute Maid, 1.69/half gallon
Ketchup, Heinz, 1.19/32 oz bottle
Margarine, Land O Lakes, .39/lb
Mayonnaise, Kraft, 1.59/quart jar
Lettuce, large head, .49/each
Oranges, Jaffa, .99/5
Peanut butter, Peter Pan, 1.29/18 oz jar
Potatoes, Idaho, 1.29/5 lb bag
Preserves, Welch’s grape, .99/2 lb jar
Soda, Sprite, .99/2 litre bottle
Spaghetti, Prince, 1.00/3 one pound boxes
Tea, Salada, 1.79/100 count box
Tuna, Starkist, solid pack, oil or water, .89/6.5 oz can


Bed, water, king sized, 149.00/complete set
Bedroom set, 6 piece oak, 1,899.00-2,500.00/each
Chair, recliner, 279.00/each
Dinette, “butcher block,” 98.00/set
Lamps, living room, 49.99-110.00/each
Mattress, Sealy Super Firm, 128.00/queen
Sleeper sofa, 269.00-689.00/each
Sofa, 650.00-1,300.00/each

Garden equipment

Annual flowers, seedlings, .99/4 to 6 plants
Azaleas, 7.00/2 bushes
Hose, nylon reinforced, 50′, 4.99/each
Lawn mower, riding, John Deer, 2,595.00-3,060.00/each
Picnic table set, redwood, 33.00/set
Rake, 22 tines, metal, 5.66/each
Rhododendrons, 29.00/2 bushes

Household goods

Air conditioner, General Electric, 4,000 BTU, 199.00-259.00/each
Cookware, Farberware, 13 pieces, 89.00/set
Dinnerware set, Mikasa stonewear, 20 piece/4 settings, 32.99-59.99/set
Food processor, Moulinex, 59.99-37.60/each
Laundry soap, Wisk, 2.69/half gallon
Microwave oven, Litton, 387.00/each
Paint, Dutch Boy, exterior latex flat, 12.95-19.95/gallon
Range, Tappan, gas, 349.00/each
Refrigerator, Whirlpool, 17.6 cuft, 549.00/each
Sheets, Vera’s, 16.99-24.00/queen size
Stainless steel service, 50 piece/8 settings, 13.99-38.00/set
Telephone, cordless, Uniden, 99.00-179.00/each
Vacuum cleaner, Eureka Deluxe upright, 79.00-108.00/each


Daily Record, .25/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Band-Aids, 1.99/70 count box
Cold remedy, Triaminic, 2.29/4 oz bottle
Hair curlers, Clairol electric, 16.99-29.97/set of 20
Hair dryer, Conair, 6.88-12.99/each
Lotion, Vaseline Intensive Care, 1.99/12 oz bottle
Mouthwash, Scope, 3.49/40 oz bottle
Shampoo, Revlon Flex, 1.69/15 oz bottle
Tissues, Scotties, .79/200 count box
Tylenol, Extra Strength, 2.49/50 count bottle

Real estate

Boonton, 3 bedroom ranch, 178,99.00
Morris Twp., 4-5 bedroom colonial, 195,00.00
Rockaway Boro, 3 bedroom colonial, 83.00
Rent, Denville, Lake Arrowhead, 600.00/month
Rent, Dover, 1/2 double house, 700.00/month
Rent, Randolph, 4 bedrooms, 1,400.00/month
Apartment, Madison, 2 bedrooms, 750.00/month
Apartment, Morristown, 2 bedroom, 400.00/month
Apartment, Parsippany, 1 bedroom, 460.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Airline ticket, Delta, New York City-Dalls/Ft. Worth, coach, one way, 112.00/ticket
Bicycle, BMX, 79.95/each
Breakfast, International House of Pancakes, cheese omelette, 2.79/plate
Bus, Atlantic City, 20.00-25.00/ticket (includes tokens & meal/return trip vouchers)
Camera, Polaroid Sun 600, 26.96/each
Computer, Commodore 64, 799.00-907.00/each, includes 80 column dot matrix printer
Dinner, Oak Tree Inn Wharton, Mother’s Day, 8.95-10.96/plate
Health club membership, Nautilus Racquetball & Health Club, 99.00/year
Movie, Cinema 10 Succasunna, 2.00/matinee ticket
Soccer ball, Cal-Star, 9.88-13.00/each
Stereo system, Technics 110 watt, 7 piece, 499.00/each
Television, color, Hitachi, 19″, 287.00/each
VCR, Panasonic, 419.00-499.00/each
Videotape, JVC, 120 minutes, 9.88-13.99/each