Buick Skyhawk, 2 door, 8,999.00
Pontiac Sunbird, 2 door, 8,676.00
Chevrolet Astrovan, 6,500.00
Mustang II, 1975, 995.00
Dodge Colt, 1981, 3,100.00
Mercury Capri, 1983, 6,900.00
Antifreeze, Prestone II, 6.98-9.98/2 gallon container
Oil, motor, Castrol GTX 10W-40, .99/quart


Men’s coats, London Towne, 37.50-125.00/each
Men’s sweaters, 16.99-58.00/each
Men’s ski jacket, down, 33.95-88.00/each
Men’s shoes, Oxfords, 39.99/pair
Men’s shirts, dress, 9.95-20.00/each
Men’s neckties, 13.50-18.50/each
Women’s blouses, 29.99-119.00/each
Women’s suits, 80.00-290.00/each
Women’s dresses, 38.99-124.00/each
Women’s boots, 27.00-88.00/pair
Women’s dress shoes, 19.99-68.00/pair
Women’s coats, 74.99-300.00/each
Women’s handbags, leather, 13.50-38.00/each
Boy’s jeans, 8.99-25.00/pair
Girl’s sweaters, 8.99-25.00/each
Jogging suits, mens and women’s, 24.99-35.00/each
Watch, Swatch, 30.00/each

Food & beverages

Apples, Red Delicious, .59/pound
Bacon, 1.89/lb
Bananas, .99/3 lbs
Beef, ground, 1.47/lb
Beef, sirloin steak, 2.17/lb
Candy, Hershey’s Kisses, 2.39/14 ounce bag
Cereal, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 1.00/18 ounce box
Cheese, American singles, Kraft, .99/6 ounce package
Chicken, Perdue, thighs, .89/lb
Cocoa, Swiss Miss, .99/9 ounce package
Coffee, Savarin, 1.99/lb can
Cookies, Scooter pies, Burry’s, 1.19/12 ounce package
Crackers, Ritz, Nabisco, 1.39/lb box
Devil Dogs, Drakes, family pack, .99/12 ounce box
Duck, .99/lb
Flour, Pillsbury, .69/5 lb bag
Hot dogs, Hebrew National, 2.29/12 ounce package
Juice, apple, Seneca, .99/half gallon
Juice, orange, Tropicana, 3.00/two 64 ounce containers
Ketchup, Heinz, 1.59/28 ounce bottle
Macaroni, San Giorgio, .79/two 1 lb boxes
Margarine, Fleischmann’s, .99/lb
Onions, Yellow #1, .79/3 lb bag
Oranges, navel, 1.69/4 lb bag
Peanut butter, Skippy, 1.49/18 ounce jar
Pineapples, Dole, whole, 1.79/each
Potatoes, .99/5 lb bag
Soda, Pepsi, .89/2 liter bottle
Soup, Campbell’s, .99/three 10 ounce cans
Tea, Lipton, 1.99/100 bag box
Tomatoes, Progresso, 2.00/three 18 ounce cans
Tuna, Chicken of the Sea, .59/6.5 ounce can
Valentines’s candy, Brach’s, heart box, 9.99/2 lb box


Bed, brass, daybed, 299.00/each
Bedroom set, 4 piece, Bassett, 697.00-800.00/set
Bookcase, teak, 36″ high, 59.00/each
Dining rooom set, 8 piece, “French,” 2,999.00-4,920.00/set
Loveseat, traditonal, Drexel, 849.00-1,275.00/each
Mattress, Bassett, twin size, 99.00-159.00/each
Rug, oriental design, 9’X12′, 149.00-199.00/each
Sleeper sofa, Sealy, full-size, 499.00-699.00/each
Sofa, traditional, Drexel, 899.00-1,375.00/each
Waterbed, complete set-up, full-king size, 189.00/each


Drill, Black and Decker, 3/8″, 18.99/each
Hammer, 16 ounce, 2.99-4.99/each
Screwdriver set, 5 piece, 1.69-2.59/each
Shop-vac, wet-dry vacuum, 5 gallon capacity, 37.99/each
Snow shovels, 6.39-17.49/each
Table saw, 10″, 99.99/each
Wrench, adjustable, 8″, 2.99-4.99/each

Household goods

Blankets, wool, 55.00-85.00/each
Clothes washer, GE, large capacity, 349.00-389.00/each
Dinnerware set, 8 settings, Corelle, 44.00-64.99/set
Dust Buster, Black & Decker, 24.99/each
Ironing board, metal, 10.99/each
Laundry soap, Wisk, 2.49/half gallon container
Microwave oven, Litton, 289.00-329.00/each
Refrigerator, Frigidare, 21 cu ft, 649.00-699.00/each
Salad bowl set, 7 piece, teak, 19.99-35.00/set
Sheets, flannel, all sizes, 5.50-28.00/each
Tea kettle, porcelain enamel, 7.99/2 quart size
Toaster, 2 slice, Farberware, 15.99-25.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown, NJ], .25/daily paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, Bayer, 1.81-2.64/100 count bottle
Cold remedy, Triaminic syrup, 3.99/8 ounce bottle
Cotton swabs, QTips, 1.29/170 count box
Cough syrup, Robitussin 5.00/two 4 ounce bottles
Curling iron, Conair, 4.99-17.99/each
Ear piercing, J.C. Penney, 8.88/set of 2
Hair color, Miss Breck, 2.00/box
Hair dryer, Conair “Pro stylist,” 9.99-17.99/each
Permanent wave, J.C. Penney, 39.88/head
Petroleum jelly, Vaseline, 1.19/3.25 ounce jar
Shampoo, Aquamarine, Revlon, .99/15 ounce bottle
Skin cream, Noxema, 2.19/10 ounce jar
Toilet paper, Whiterose, 1.00/three 1,000 sheet rolls
Toothpaste, Crest, 3.58/two 6.4 ounce tubes

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Washington Twp., 4 bedrooms, 139,000.00
Rockaway Twp., 3 bedrooms, ranch, 107,000.00
Denville, 3 bedrooms, split level, 94,000.00
Houses for rent:
Parsippany, 3 bedrooms, 900.00/month
Lake Hopatcong, 730.00/month
Denville, Lake Arrowhead, 1 bedroom, log cabin, 675.00/month
Apartments & rooms:
Randolph, Center Grove Village, 1 bedroom, 495.00/month
Madison, 4 rooms, 650.00/month
Succasunna, 4 rooms, 550.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Ballet, New Jersey Ballet, Morris Museum [Morristown, NJ], 6.00-7.00/ticket
Brunch, Widow Brown’s [Madison, NJ], 3.50/child; 7.95/adult
Camera, Keystone “pocket,” 15.40-19.94/each
Cassettes, pre-recorded music, 6.88/each
Computer, Commodore 64, 149.79-169.97/each
Computer disk drive, Commodore, 5 1/4, 199.00-219.97/each
Computer monitor, Commodore, 13″ diagonal, 199.00-229.97/each
Computer software, Timeworks Wordwriter, 34.37-42.97/each
Dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, 49.95/each
Movies, Cinema 10 [Succasunna NJ], Mon.-Sat. before 6PM, 2.00/ticket
Record albums, 5.96/each
Ski boots, Pelican Ski Shop, 75.99-244.00/pair
Skis, Pelican Ski Shop, 129.99-269.99/pair
Stereo system, 100 watt, Mitsubishi, 679.00/set
Telephone, cordless, 118.95-139.95/each
Telephone answering machine, voice activated, Sanyo, 69.00/each
Video cassette recorder, Zenith, 419.00/each
Video tapes, blank, VHS, RCA, 2.99/6 tapes
Walkman, Sony, 69.00-99.00/each