Dodge D-50 pickup truck, 5,595.00
Ford, Mustang, 2 door sedan, 8,479.00
Plymouth, Colt, 3 door hatchback, 4,999.00
1984 Buick Riviera, 9,400.00
1980 Chevy Camaro, 4,200.00
1972 Dodge Charger, 1,500.00


Men’s boots, Timberline, 69.95-79.95/pair
Men’s overcoat, cashmere, 189.00-300.00/each
Men’s ski jacket, down, 29.99-85.00/each
Men’s slacks, 59,00-74.00/2 pairs
Men’s suit, 199.95/each
Ski suit, 2 piece, 39.99/each
Women’s jacket, 39.99-80.00/each
Women’s shoes, Selby, 34.99-63.00/pair
Women’s skirt, wool, 14.99/each
Women’s suit, wool, 49.99/each
Women’s sweater, 10.99/each


Air conditioning technician, 5.00-14.00/hour
Assistant manager, Quick Chek, 17,340.00-18,900.00/year, plus bonus
Babysitter/housekeeper, 150.00/week
Bus persons (restaurant), 3.75/hr
Chauffer, 18,000/year
Dental assistant, 8.00/hour
House cleaners, 6.00/hour
Manager, Quik Chek, 23,640.00-30,400.00/year, plus bonus
Newspaper delivery, 100.00/week
Security guards, 5.56/hour

Food & beverages

Apples, Red Delicious, .69/lb
Bacon, Armour, 1.69/lb
Beef, ribs, 1.89/lb
Bread, ShopRite, white, .99/two 20 oz loaves
Cheese, ShopRite, store sliced American, 1.99/lb
Cheese Puffs, .89/7 oz bag
Chocolate chips, Nestle, 1.79/12 oz bag
Coffee, Master Blend, 1.00/13 oz container
Crackers, Town House, 1.49/lb
Fish, rainbow trout, fresh filets, 2.99/lb
Ice cream, Breyers, 2.49/half gallon
Juice, Apple, ShopRite, .99/gallon
Juice, Hawaiian Punch, .69/1 quart 14 oz can
Juice, Orange, Minutemaid, .59/6 oz can
Kiwi fruit, .99/lb
Margarine, Fleischmann’s, .99/lb
Mayonnaise, ShopRite, .99/quart
Milk, 1 percent, 1.69/half gallon
Oil, Puritan, 1.99/quart
Oranges, Sunkist, navel, 1.69/4 lb bag
Pasta, Prince, .89/two 16 oz boxes
Peanut butter, Skippy, 1.49/18 oz jar
Pickles, Vlasic, 1.19/quart
Pineapples, 1.69/each
Pistachios, California, 3.99/lb
Soup, Progresso, .69/19 oz can
Squash, yellow, .59/lb
Tea, Tetley, 1.49/49 count box
Tuna, Star Kist, white, .99/6.5 oz can
Yogurt, La Yogurt, plain, .99/quart


Bed, full size, 88.00/each
Bed, water, any size, 189.00/each
Bedroom set, 2.88/5 piece set
Dinette, .79/5 piece set
Lamp, floor model, 49.00-129.00/each
Mattress, twin size, .38/each

Household goods

Batteries, Energizer, “C” or “D”, 1.69/pack of two
Clothes washer, General Electric, 349.00/each
Dinnerware set, bone china, 19.00/setting
Dish soap, Dawn, 1.30/pint
Dishwasher, Whirlpool, 239.00/each
Firewood, 120.00/cord
Garbage bags, Glad, .99/20 count box
Light bulbs, .25/each
Paper towels, Bounty, .69/92 count roll
Range, Tappan, 30″, gas, 499.00/each
Refrigerator, General Electric, 699.00/each
Sheets, J.C. Penney’s, twin, 3.99-1.99/each
Microwave oven, Litton, 240.00/each
Vacuum cleaner, Eureka, upright, 199.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .25/daily paper

Personal care & health

Alka Seltzer Plus, 1.79-2.77/20 tablet pkg
Baby wipes, 2.77/150 count pkge
Cotton swabs, Q-Tip, 3.00/2 packs
Deodorant, roll-on, 2.00/2 oz container
Hairspray, Aqua Net, .99/9 oz container
Lotion, hand, Soft Sense, .99-1.00/6 oz bottle
Mouthwash, Scope, 3.37/32 oz bottle
Pain reliever, Tylenol, 5.29/100 count bottle
Permanent wave, cut and style, Bamberger’s Department Store, 32.00-65.00/each
Saline solution, Bausch & Lomb, 2.99/12 oz bottle
Shampoo, St. Ives, 1.19-1.89/18 oz bottle
Shaving cream, Edge, gel, 1.09-2.29/7 oz container
Skin cream, Noxema, 2.00/10 oz jar
Toilet paper, Charmin, .59/4 rolls
Toothpaste, Crest, 1.49/6.4 oz tube
Vaseline, 5.00/two 15 oz jars

Real estate

Houses for sale
Denville, 3 bedrooms, 179,000.00
Dover, 3 bedrooms, 132,00.00
Mountain Lakes, 4 bedrooms, 169,900.00
Houses for rent
Boonton, 3 bedrooms, 775.00/month
East Hanover, 2 bedrooms, 900.00/month
Rockaway, 3 bedrooms, 865.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Chatham, 1 bedroom, 785.00/month
Madison, 5 rooms, 750.00/month
Randolph, Gateways, 1-2 bedrooms, 640.00-740.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Batteries, AA, 3.38/4 pack
Brunch, Headquarters Plaza Hotel, 20.00/person
Computer, Radio Shack, 64K, 4.99/each
Concerts, Friday Evening Club, 10.00-20.00/ticket
Dinner, Rod’s Steak House, 8 oz steak, 9.95/plate
Doll, Cabbage Patch Kid, 29.97/each
Guitar, 15.00/each
Lego basic building set, 25.97/set
Movie, 2.50/matinee ticket
Piano, Bradbury, upright, 400.00/each
Rowing machine, 245.00/each
Spa Lady membership, 9.98/month
Tae Kwon Do lessons, 2 “semi private”, 19.95/each
Telephone, cordless, with answering machine, 49.00/each
Television, 25″ color, Sylvania, 369.00/each
VCR, Toshiba, 298.00/each
Video tapes (blank), RCA 120 minutes, 3.99/each