Buick Skylark, 11,306.00
Nissan Sentra, 7,866.00
Oldsmobile Supreme, 13,276.00
1985, Dodge Daytona, Turbo Z, 7,500.00
1983, Plymouth Tourismo, 1,900.00
1980, Honda Accord, 1,980.00


Boy’s suit, 50.00-149.00/each
Men’s shirt, dress, 15.00/each
Men’s shoes, Bostonian, 49.95-80.00/pair
Men’s slacks, 40.00-80.00/pair
Men’s suit, 219.90-315.00/each
Running shoes, Reebok, Fitness Walker, 36.00-60.00/pair
T-shirt, 6.00/each
Women’s sandals, 19.99-35.00/pair
Women’s suit, 239.00-335.00/each
Women’s sweater, 17.49-24.99/each


Accounting clerk, 22,000.00/year
Administrative assistant, 28,000.00/year
Auto mechanic, 40,000.00/year
Cashier, Morris Mission, 4.00/hour
Cook, Whippany Diner, 8.35/hour
Driver, 6.00/hour
Factory worker, Endo Industries, 5.50/hour
Licenced Practical Nurse to care for elderly lady, 13.00/hour
Receptionist, 17,000.00/year
School bus driver, 10.97/hour

Food & beverages

Apples, Red Delicious, .69/lb
Beef, sirloin, 2.99/lb
Blueberries, Jersey, fresh, 1.19/pint
Cereal, Post, Grape Nuts, 1.99/24 oz box
Cheese, Borden, American singles, 1.39/12 oz pkg
Coffee, Folger’s, 1.49/11.5 oz can
Corn, Shop Rite, frozen, .69/24 oz pkg
Fish, halibut steak, fresh, 4.99/lb
Frankfurters, Hygrade, .69/lb pkg
Ice cream, Klondike Bars, 1.99/6 pack
Ice cream, Turkey Hill, 1.99/half gallon
Juice, apple, Lucky Leaf, .99/half gallon
Juice, orange, 1.59/half gallon
Ketchup, Shop-Rite, .69/24 oz bottle
Lamb, whole leg, 1.99/lb
Lettuce, Little Gem, .49/head
Mangoes, tropical, 1.29/each
Onions, yellow, 1.20/3 lb bag
Oranges, Valencia, 1.89/4 lb bag
Peaches, South Carolina, .49/lb
Peanuts, Planter’s, 1.99/lb jar
Pizza, Totino, frozen, .99/11.9 oz pkg
Plums, California black, .79/lb
Pork & beans, Van Camp’s, 1.00/three 1 lb cans
Potatoes, California “B”, 1.39/5 lb bag
Rolls, hamburger or hot dog, .79/dozen
Salad dressing, Wishbone, .69/8 oz bottle
Soda, Coca Cola, 1.79/six 12 oz cans
Tea bags, Tetley, 1.29/100 count box
Tomatoes, .69/lb
Watermelon, .19/lb
Yogurt, Light N’ Lively, .87/three cups


Air conditioner, GE, 3,400 BTU, 349.00/each
Dishwasher, Kitchen Aid, 399.99/each
Microwave oven, GE, Spacemaker III, 159.99/each
Paint, house, Weatherguard, 8.99-11.99/gallon
Paper towels, Bounty, .59/70 count roll
Range, GE, gas, 30″, 299.99/each
Refrigerator, GE, 17.7 cu ft, 559.00/each
Sheet set, Supercale Plus, twin, 19.99-39.99/set
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, self-propelled, 169.00/each

Lawn & garden

Bug killer, half acre, 19.99/each
Candle, citronella, 2.99/each
Charcoal briquets, 1.99-2.99/20 lb bag
Grill, Sunbeam, gas, 159.95/each
Hose, garden, Colorite, 75′, 14.99-19.99/each
Patio furniture, 42″ round table and 4 aluminum chairs with cushions, 599.00-699.00/set
Patio lights, 7 light set, 7.99/each
Rhododendron, 5.00-10.00/3 bushes
Wheelbarrow, 4 cu ft, 25.99/each


.25/daily paper

Personal care & health

Alka-Seltzer, 2.69/36 tablet pkg
Antacid, Tums, liquid, 2.69/12 oz bottle
Deodorant, Ban, Roll-On, 2.79/2.5 oz pkg
Eye drops, Murine, 2.29/.5 oz bottle
Pain reliever, Advil, 5.99/100 count bottle
Shampoo, Wella Balsam, 1.59/16 oz bottle
Shaving cream, Barbasol, 2.00/three 11 oz cans
Soap, Palmolive, .99/4 bath size bars
Sun tan lotion, 4.99/8 oz bottle
Toilet paper, Northern, .99/4 roll pack
Toothpaste, Aqua Fresh, 1.29/4.6 oz tube

Real estate

Houses for sale
Parsippany, colonial, 4-5 bedrooms, 269,900.00
Randolph, 3500 square feet, 329,000.00
Rockaway, ranch, 3 bedrooms, 169,900.00
Houses for rent
Denville, 3 bedrooms, 750.00/month
Hopatcong, 4-5 bedrooms, 1,075.00/month
Wharton, 4 bedrooms, 1,200.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Boonton, 4 rooms, 575.00/month
Parsippanny, 2 bedrooms, 780.00/month
Stanhope, 2 bedrooms, 675.00/month

Recreation & amusements

CD Player, Sony, “Disk Jockey,” 10 disc changer, 399.99/each
Camcorder, RCA, VHS, 999.00-1,099.00/each
Concert, symphony, outdoor, Giralda, 4.00/ticket
Cruise, Bahamas, 535.00/person
Dinner, Fireside Lounge, [Denville, NJ], roast turkey, 4.95/child; 9.95/adult
Keyboard, Casio, electronic, 99.00/each
Movie, AMC Theatres, 2.95/ticket
Museum admission, Morris Museum, .50/children; 1.50/adults
Radar detector, Whistler, 59.99-90.00/each
Sand box, Little Tikes, turtle, 34.99/each
Scooter, Kent, 12″, 49.99/each
Snorkel & mask, 8.87/each
Stereo system, Fisher, 100 watts, 399.00/set
Tae Kwon Do, 2 semi-private lessons & uniform, 19.95/person
Television, RCA, color, 25″, 274.00/each
Toy picnic table, Little Tikes, 74.99/each
VCR, Fisher, 249.00-279.00/each
Walkman, Sony, wtih headphones, 29.99-45.00/each