Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, sedan, 16,595.00
VW Jetta, GL, 14,695.00
Dodge Neon, 4 door, 11,599.00
Acura Integra, 1992, 9,675.00
Pontiac Grand Am, 1991, LE coupe, 7,777.00
Plymouth Duster, 1986, 775.00
Brake overhaul, 69.95/car
Oil change, 14.95/car
Tires, Firestone, 58.95-89.95/each
Tune up, 4 cylinder, 49.00/car


Men’s slacks, Dockers, 24.99-38.00/pair
Men’s sweaters, wool, 12.49-79.99/each
Men’s neckties, 9.99-48.50/each
Men’s shirts, Van Heusen, 16.99-28.00/each
Women’s blouses, 9.99-34.00/each
Women’s suits, “designer,” 119.99-405.00/each
Women’s dresses, silk, 79.99-159.99/each
Women’s sweaters, cashmere, 49.99-149.99/each
Women’s jeans, Jordache, 19.99-32.00/pair
Women’s handbags, sueded and leather, 19.99-130.00/each
Girl’s dresses, 9.99-47.99/each
Children’s jeans, Levis 550, 19.95-29.99/pair

Food & beverages

Apples, Red Delicious, .89/lb
Bacon, Farmland, .99/lb
Bagels, Lender’s, .69/10 ounce package
Bananas, 1.00/3 lbs
Beef, ground, 1.49/lb
Beef, sirloin steak, 2.99/lb
Bread, Wonder, .99/22 ounce loaf
Broccoflower, 1.29/head
Butter, Land O Lakes, 1.50/lb
Cheese, American, Land O Lakes, 2.99/lb
Chicken, Oven stuffer roaster, Perdue, .69/lb
Coffee, Folgers, 2.99/13 ounce can
Cookies, Chips Ahoy, Nabisco, 1.99-2.29/lb box
Crackers, Ritz, Nabisco, 1.99-2.39/lb box
Grapes, Thompson seedless, 1.69/lb
Hot dogs, Ballpark Franks, 1.49/lb
Jelly, Kraft, .99/18 ounce jar
Juice, apple, Red Cheek, .99/64 ounce bottle
Juice, orange, 2.99/gallon
Kiwi fruit, .99/3
Lettuce, iceberg, .49-.99/head
Mayonnaise, Kraft, 1.57-2.59/jar
Onions, New York State mild, 1.49/3 lb bag
Oranges, Temple, .99/5
Potato chips, Ruffles, .79/6 ounce bag
Potatoes, U.S. #1 Idaho, 1.89/5 lbs
Soda, Coca Cola, .59-.99/2 liter bottle
Soup, Healthy Classics, Progresso, .79/16 ounce can
Tea, Tetley, .94/24 count box
Tomato sauce, Ragu, 1.99-2.39/48 ounce jar
Tomatoes, Progresso, 1.99/33.5 ounce can
Yogurt, Breyer’s, 1.00/three 8 ounce containers


Living room set, 3 piece, leather, 1,999.00/set
Rug, oriental, 9’X12′, 399.00/each
Sleeper sofa, queen size, Sealy, 599.00-999.00/each
Waterbed, 259.00/compete set (no size mentioned)



Household goods

Ammonia, .44/gallon
Clothes washer, Whirlpool, 219.00/each
Food processor, Cuisinart, 119.00/each
Laundry soap, Ultra Yes, 1.49/50 ounce container
Microwave oven, .9 cu ft, Sharp Carousel, 149.00/each
Range, gas, Kenmore, 299.99-329.00/each
Refrigerator, GE, 19.1 cu ft, 569.00/each
Sheets, full-king, 22.99-50.00/each
Vacuum, cannister, Hoover “Futura,” 199.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown, NJ], .25/daily paper

Personal care & health

Cough drops, Ludens, .64/36 count package
Deodorant, Arid XX, 3.99/two 6 ounce spray containers
Mouthwash, Scope, 4.99/48 ounce bottle
Pain reliever, Advil, 8.49/100 count bottle
Shampoo, Halsa, .99-1.29/15 ounce bottle
Toilet paper, Quilted Northern, 1.99-2.99/12 roll pack
Toothbrush, Oral B, 2.79/each
Toothpaste, Colgate, 1.87/7 ounce tube

Real estate

Houses for sale:
Hanover Twp., 3 bedrooms, 229,000.00
Mount Olive, 4 bedrooms, expanded cape, 152,000.00
Morristown, 3 bedrooms, 125,900.00
Houses for rent:
Morristown, 4 bedrooms, 1,700.00/month
Mount Tabor, 3 bedrooms, 1,000.00/month
Succasunna, 3 bedrooms, 800.00/month
Apartments & rooms:
Madison, 4 rooms, 875.00/month
Parsippany, 1 bedroom, 725.00/month
Randolph, 1 bedroom, 700.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Camcorder, Sony, 497.98/each
Computer, Apple Macintosh, 2,099.00/each
Computer, IBM Aptiva, 486DX2-66, with monitor, 1799.96/each
Dance lessons, country western, Let’s Dance Again [Rockaway, NJ], 30.00/6 weeks
Dinner, Valentine’s Day, Old Mill Tavern [Chester, NJ], 8.95-10.95/person
Ice skates, hockey, 69.00-80.00/pair
Motel, Mountain Inn [Rockaway, NJ] 39.50/night
Roller blades, 79.00-249.00/pair
Skis, cross country, 169.00/set
Sleds, 16.00-35.00/each
Telephone, cellular, Motorola, 24.99/month
Telephone, speakerphone, 2 line, Panasonic, 69.99/each
Television, 19″ color, Zenith, 197.00/each
Theatre, Growing Stage [Chester, NJ], “Heidi,” children & seniors 8.00/ticket; adults 10.00/ticket
Toboggans, 69.00-139.00/each
Video cassette recorder, RCA, 347.77/each
Word processor, Brother, 229.00-349.00/each