Jeep Wrangler, SE 4X4, 14,995.00
Plymouth Voyager, 11,995.00
Toyota Corolla, CE, 10,995.00
1998,Toyota Camry, 11,995.00
1997, Honda Accord, EX, 12,995.00
1992,Geo Prizm, 2,995.00


Girl’s dress, holiday, 18.00-44.00/each
Men’s coat, Alfani, dress, 159.99-395.00/each
Men’s gloves, Gordini, Goretex, 29.99-39.99/pair
Men’s jacket, Carhart, Arctic, 59.99-74.99/each
Men’s necktie, silk, 24.99-32.50/each
Men’s shirt, dress, 29.99-39.99/each
Men’s shirt, Van Heusen, flannel, 15.99-30.00/each
Men’s slacks, Savane, 19.99-50.00/pair
Men’s sweater, cashmere, 99.99/each
Women’s boots, 9 West, dress, 24.50-169.99/pair
Women’s coat, dress, wool, 199.00-599.00/each
Women’s pajamas, microfleece, 29.00-43.00/pair
Women’s slacks, corduroy, 14.99-48.00/pair
Women’s sweater, wool, 19.99-29.99/each

Food & beverages

Bananas, 1.00/3 lbs
Beef, ground, 85% lean, 1.49/lb
Beef, steak, porterhouse, 5.89/lb
Butter, Hotel Bar, 1.49-1.00/lb
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Froot Loops, 1.99/15 oz box
Chicken, boneless, 2.29/lb
Coffee, Maxwell House, Masterblend, 3.99-4.99/34.5 oz can
Cookies, Nabisco, Chips Ahoy, 1.74/15 oz pkg
Flour, Pillsbury, .89/5 lb bag
Frozen dinner, Swanson, Hungry Man, 1.94/12.75-20 oz box
Ham, steaks, 2.89/lb
Juice, Orange, 4.00/two half gallon cartons
Lamb chops, loin, 5.99/lb
Lettuce, Dole, Salad in a Bag, 2.99/3 lb bag
Peanut butter, Skippy, .99/18 oz jar
Pork, chops, center cut, 1.99/lb
Soup, Campbell’s, Select, .89/19 oz can
Yogurt, 3.00/eight 6 oz containers
note: these prices are supplemented with ads from the Star Ledger [Newark, NJ]. Most food ads were published as inserts and not filmed for posterity.


Bed, bunk, 399.99/set of 2
Bedroom set, 4 pieces, 1,849.00/set
Bookcase, solid wood, 12″W X 96″H X 11″D, 89.00
Dinette, oak, 5 piece set, 399.00/set
Loveseat, 699.00/each
Sofa, 869.00/each
Table, cocktail, 469.00/each
Table, end, 379.00/each

Household & seasonal goods

Christmas lawn ornament, lighted reindeer, 39.99/each
Christmas lights, “icicle style,” 4.00/100 light strand
Christmas tree, real, Douglas Fir, 6.5′, 89.99-99.88/each
Cookware, Farberware, 8 pieces, 49.99-79.99/set
Food processor, Cuisinart, 99.61-159.95/each
Grill, George Foreman, family size, 59.97/each
Juice extractor, Black & Decker, 24.61-39.95/each
Microwave oven, General Electric, .9 cu ft, 99.61/each
Pointsettia, 4.50/each
Range, Hotpoint, 30″, 399.61-599.99/each
Refrigerator, General Electric, side by side, 999.61/each
Snowblower, Honda, 6.5 HP, 1,749.00/each
Toaster oven, Black & Decker, 29.97-39.97/each
Vacuum, Eureka, Boss, upright, 49.61-64.95/each
Washing machine, General Electric, 249.61/each

Personal care & health

Bath spa, Homedics, 99.99/each
Gold’s Gym, 49.00/1 month trial
Toothpaste, Colgate, 1.47-1.97/6.4 oz tube

Real estate

Houses for sale
Jefferson Twp., 2 bedrooms, 135,000.00
Morristown, 3 bedrooms, 499,900.00
Randolph, 3 bedrooms, 269,000.00
Houses for rent
Boonton, 3 bedroms, 1,850.00/month
Denville, 2 bedrooms, 1,500.00/month
Rockaway, White Meadow Lake, 3 bdrooms, 1,595.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Boonton, 3 bedrooms, 625.00/month
Rockaway, 1 bedroom, 925.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Camcorder, Canon, mini, 599.99/each
Camera, Sony, digital, 199.99-249.99/each
Computer, Sony, 256 MB, 949.97-1,047.97/each
Compact disc, 9.98-11.98/each
DVD player, Daewoo, 99.99/each
First Night buttons (New Years Eve entertainment), 12.00/each; 40.00/4 pack
Golf clubs, 8 irons & 3 woods, 249.00/set
Telephone, cellular, Motorola, 19.99-49.00/each
Television, Panasonic, 25″, 249.99/each
Video game, Game Boy Advance, 89.97/each
Video game sytem, Playstation 2, 299.97/each
no toys advertised; probably unfilmed inserts only

Tobacco & alcohol

Beer, Heineken, 19.99/case of 24 bottles
Scotch whiskey, Johnnie Walker Red, 31.99/1.75 litre bottle
Wine, Almaden, 7.99/4 litre bottle
no tobacco advertised