Ford, Ranger, 8,995.00
Honda, Accord, LX sedan, 18,665.00
Mazda, Protege, CX sedan, 11,495.00

2002, Chevrolet Cavalier, 9,990.00
1997, Cadillac, Seville, 15,500.00
1990, Toyota, Camry, 15,500.00


Juniors, tee shirt, 12.99/each
Men’s shirt, tee shirt, Hanes, 2.99/each
Men’s shirt, Alfi, sport, 14.99/each
Sneakers, Easy Spirit, 39.99-69.99/pair
Women’s bathing suit, Macy’s, 10.00-61.00/each
Women’s shirts and slacks, Charter Club, 12.99-39.99/each
Women’s suit, spring & summer, 79.99-99.99/each

Food & beverages

Beef, London Broil, 1.99/lb
Blueberries, Jersey Fresh, 1.99/pint
Cantaloupes, .99/each
Cherries, Washington State, 1.99/lb
Coffee, Chock Full O’Nuts, 3.99/30 oz can
English muffins, Thomas, 1.99/12 pack
Fish, Atlantic salmon steak, 3.99/lb
Fish, tuna, Bumblebee solid white, .99/6 oz can
Ham, Boar’s Head, deluxe, 5.99/lb
Iced tea mix, 2.99/24 oz container
Ketchup, Heinz, .99/24 oz bottle
Mayonnaise, Hellman’s, 1.99/32 oz jar
Peaches, .99/lb
Soda, Pepsi, 10.00/four 12 packs of 12 oz cans
Strawberries, California, 5.00/2 lb container
Turkey breast, Pilbri’s pride, 2.99/lb
Yogurt, Danon, 4.99/12 containers


Bed, Grove Park, queen size, 799.00/each
Carpet, textured loop, 1.19/square foot
Chair, Morris & ottoman, Bassett, 999.00/set
Sofa, Bassett, 799.00/each
Table, cocktail, Bassett, 299.00/each

Garden & lawn equipment

Grill, CharBroil, 40,000 BTU, gas, 249.00
Hose, “Roll-a-Hose,” 15.79/each
Lawn mower, Toro, 16 HP, 1,899.00

Household goods

Air conditioner, Gold Star, 5,200 BTU, 85.00/each
Bed linens, complete set “Bed in a Bag”, 39.98/each
Freezer, GE, 7 cu ft, 169.97/each
Fruit jars, Mason, quart size, .88/each
Laundry soap, Tide, liquid, 5.99/100 oz container
Microwave, GE, Spacesaver, 9 cu ft, 349.00/each
Paint, American Tradition, 13.97/gallon
Paper towels, Bounty, 7.99/12 roll pack
Refrigerator, Frigidaire, 20.5 cu ft, 499.97/each

Personal care & health

Suntan lotion, Coppertone, Waterbabies, 5.00/4 oz container

Real estate

Houses for sale
Flanders, 7 rooms, split level, 325,000.00
Hopatcong, 3 bedrooms, ranch, 179,900.00
Wharton, 4 bedrooms, colonial, 449,000.00

Houses for rent
Chester Twp., 2 bedrooms, 1,750.00/month
Madison, 2 bedrooms, 2,250.00/month
Netcong, 1 bedroom, 900.00/month

Apartments & rooms
Mendham, 2 bedrooms, 1,800.00/month
Roxbury, furnished room, 500.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Baseball game, NJ Cardinals [Sussex County, NJ] 6.00-10.00/ticket
Computer, Compaq Presario, 7000, desktop, 389.00/each
Computer monitor, Dell, 1700, flat panel, 297.00/each
Flag, U.S., 1.47-29.97/set
Health club, Gold’s Gym, 399.00/year membership
Luggage, Samsonite, 49.99-279.99/each
Paints, Rose Art, gel, 3.50/each
Telephone service, Verizon, wireless, 39.99/month

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 2003? These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County, New Jersey], November 16-30, 2003.

Meat, fowl & fish
Beef, London broil, 1.99/lb
Chicken, cutlets, 1.79/lb
Ham, Boar’s Head, 6.99/lb
Pork, tenderloin, 2.99/lb
Shrimp, 13.99/lb
Turkey, 1.29/lb

Beans, green, 1.99/lb
Broccoli, crowns, .99/lb
Mushrooms, stuffing, 5.00/two 14 oz pkgs
Peas, Birds Eye, frozen, 64 cents/9 oz box
Potatoes, 1.69/10 lb bag
Yams, 49 cents/lb
Yams, canned, Princella, .99/40 oz can

Fruits & nuts
Bananas, Dole, .99/3 lbs
Clementines, 4.99/5 lb box
Cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray, 3.00/four 16 oz cans
Oranges, Sunkist, 1.99/4 lb bag
Pineapple, fresh, 3.99/each

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Butter, Land O’ Lakes, 1.49/lb
Cheese, Kraft, Philadelphia cream, .99/8 oz pkg
Cheese, Kraft, American singles, .99/12 oz pkg
Cream, sour, Breakstone’s, .79/lb
Cream, whipped, Cool Whip, .99/8 oz container

Ice cream, Edy’s, 5.49/56 oz container
Pie, Sara Lee, 9″, pumpkin, 1.99/each

Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Flour, Gold Medal, .79/5 lb bag
Sugar, Domino, granulated, 1.79/5 lb bag

Champagne, Moet and Chandon, White Star, 23.01/bottle
Cider, 1.69/gallon
Coffee, Savarin, .99/10.5 oz can
Juice, Minute Maid, orange, 3.00/two 1 gallon containers
Juice, Ocean Spray, cranberry, 1.69/gallon

“Drink of the Week: Hot Apple Pie
What: A drink to warm you up during the cold and flu season.
When: For chilly nights, or days.
How does it taste: Just like the name says, like hot apple pie, or hot apple cider with a bit of a kick.
Glass: A footed glass coffee mug.
History: Derek Khoudja, a bartender at Applebee’s in Parsippany, says the Hot Apple Pie is a promotional drink concocted at corporate headquarters. It is a descendent of drinks such as the hot toddy, made with hot tea, honey, and brandy–but contains no tea or honey.
The recipe: Hot Apple Pie:
1 1/2 ounces of Tuaca, an Italian liqueur with fruit essences
6 1/2 ounces of hot cider (at Applebee’s, Khoudja blends hot water with a cider mix, but he said the drink can be made with any heated cider).
Whipped Cream
Ground cinnamon
Khoudja mixes steaming hot water with a cider mix, pours in a jigger of Tuaca (he says that Galliano, another Italian liqueur, also would work). Then he blends the ingredients and tops with whipped cream and ground cinnamon tops for garnish. Recipe courtesy of Applebee’s.”
—Abbott Koloff, Daily Record, November 19, 2003 (p. F1)