Ford Taurus SE, 16,533.00
Lincoln Navigator, 39.995.00
Toyota Camry, 15,969.00
Used, Honda Accord, 1990, 995.00
Used, Jeep Cherokee, 1996, 6,000.00
Used, Lincoln Continental, 2001, 15,995.00
Tires, BF Goodrich Control Plus, 49.00-69.00/each


Men’s dress shoes, Sears, 24.99-50.00/pair
Men’s dress shirt, J.C. Penney Stafford, 20.99-34.00/each
Women’s skirt, J.C. Penney Worthington, 19.99-36.00/each
Women’s suit, J.C. Penney Worthington, 99.00-200.00/each
Women’s dress, 49.99-69.99/each
Women’s handbags, 14.00-35.00/each
Children’s playwear, 8.00/2 (shorts, shirts)

Food & beverages

Apples, MacIntosh, 1.49/lb
Bacon, Oscar Mayer, 5.39/lb
Beans, baked, B & M, .99/16 oz can
Beef, ground, 90% lean, 3.49/lb
Bread, 2.09/20 oz loaf
Butter, Land O Lakes, 4.99/lb
Cereal, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 2.99/12 oz box
Cheese, Kraft American slices, 5.39/lb
Chicken, Perdue, whole legs, 3.98/lb
Chocolate, Russell Stover assorted box, 3.99/lb
Cookies, Nabisco Oreo, 2.99/lb box
Crackers, Nabisco Ritz, 3.19/12 oz box
Eggs, 1.49/dozen
Fish, salmon fillet fresh, 4.99/lb
Ham, Armour Premium canned, 14.99/5 lb ham
Hot dogs, Oscar Meyer, 3.69/lb
Ice cream, Breyers, 4.99/half gallon
Lettuce, Iceberg, .49/head
Margarine, 2.09/lb
Onions, Vidalia, .79/lb
Oranges, Navel, 1.99/5 oranges
Peanut butter, Foodtown brand, 1.49/18 oz jar
Potatoes, white, 1.99/5lb bag
Soup, Campbell’s tomato .79/10.75 oz can Spaghetti, Ronzoni, .99/lb
Tuna, Chicken of the Sea, chunk light, .79/6 oz can


Chair, Barcalounger leather recliner, 699.00/each
Dining room set, 5 piece, 1,399.99/set
Living room set, 3 piece, 999.99/set
Sofa, 699.00-849.00/each

Garden equipment

Annual flowers, 1.49/6 pack
Hose, 100′, 14.99/each
Lawn mower, Sears, 299.99/each
Lawn mower, Sears, riding, 1,299.99/each
Rose bush, 16.99/each

Household goods

Air conditioner, Panasonic, 9800 BTU, 259.64/each
Bedspread, Sonoma embroidered quilt, all sizes, 69.99/each
Clothes washer, Whirlpool, 399.99/each
Cookware, Calaphon, 10 piece, 199.99/set
Microwave oven, Kenmore, .8 cu ft, 49.99/each
Ironing board, 9.99/each
Range, Whirlpool, 279.00/each
Refrigerator, General Electric, 20.3 cu ft, 399.64/each
Sheets, Home Expressions, 19.99-29.99/twin set
Telephone, cordless, 29.99-99.99/each
Vacuum cleaner, Dirt Devil, 149.99-219.99/each


Daily Record, .35/weekday paper

Personal care & health

Aspirin, St. Joesph’s adult low stength, 6.39/100 count bottle
Deodorant, Secret, 7.00/two 2.6 oz containers
Hair dryer, Revlon, 14.99/each
Mouthwash, Listerine, 1 liter bottle, 3.99/each
Shampoo, Johnson’s Baby, 5.00/two 15 oz bottles
Toilet paper, Charmin, 10.00/two 12 roll packs
Toothbrush, Crest, 5.00/two brushes
Toothpaste, Crest, 3.49/4.1 oz tube
Tylenol, 5.99/100 count bottle

Real estate

Dover, 4 bedroom Victorian, 309,900.00
Long Valley, 4 bedroom, 399,900.00
Randolph, 4 bedroom colonia, 539,900.00
Rent, Boonton, 2 bedrooms, 1,500.00/month
Rent, Montville, 3 bedroom ranch, 2,000.00/month
Rent, Parsippany, 4 bedrooms, 1,850.00/month
Apartment, Madison, 1 bedroom, 1,300.00/month
Apartment, Morristown, 1 bedroom, 1,050.00/month
Succasunna, 1 bedroom, 900.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Baseball glove, Rawlings, 29.99/each
Camcorder, digital, Canon, 499.99/each
Bicycle, Mongoose, 21 speed, 149.99-299.99/each
Camera, digital, Sony, 199.97/each
Camera film, Kodak, 7.99/5 pack
Computer, HP Pavilion Complete System, 979.00-1,499.00/each
DVD player, RCA, 69.99/each
DVDs (movies), 19.99/each
Home theater system, Toshiba, 400 watts, 299.99/each
Sewing machine, Brother, 99.99/each
Swing set, metal, 78.88/each
Telvision, color, RCA, 27″, 189.00/each
Tennis balls, Wilson, 15.99/32 balls
Tennis racquet, Head, 9.99-99.99/each