Chevrolet Impala, 19,901.00
Dodge Grand Caravan, 16,689.00
Toyota Camry, 15,786.00
2002, Nissan Pathfinder, 17,990.00
2001, Toytota Corolla, 6,900.00
1998, Chevy Malibu, 2,900.00


Boys’ tee shirts, 8.99-14.00/each
Children’s pajamas, 8.00-35.00/pair
Juniors’ jeans, 19.99-38.00/pair
Men’s jeans, Wrangler, 15.00/pair
Men’s necktie, 25.00/each
Men’s shirt, 21.99-34.00/each
Men’s ski jackets, 45.00-200.00/each
Men’s slacks, Dockers, 29.99/pair
Women’s handbags, 8.00-90.00/each
Women’s sneakers, Reebok, 26.39-43.99/pair
Women’s suit separates, 19.99-89.99/each
Women’s sweater, 19.99-36.00/each


Auto sales, 60-80K/year
Cleaners, residential, 10.00-10.50/hour
Customer Services representative, 12.00/hour
Dental assistant, 11.00/hour
Driver, 47K/year
Pizza delivery person, 10.00-14.00/hour plus tips
Receptionist, 12.00/hour

Food & beverages

Apples, Red Delicious, 1.20/lb
Bacon, Hormel, 6.00/two 1 lb pkgs
Beef, ground, 90% lean, 3.49/lb
Beef, rump roast, 3.29/lb
Bread, Wonder, 1.99/12 oz loaf
Carrots, mini, .99/lb bag
Cereal, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, 1.99/20 oz box
Cheese, Land O Lakes, cheddar, 3.49/lb
Cheese, Philadelphia brand, cream, 2.79/8 oz pkg
Chicken, Purdue, boneless breast, 5.49/lb
Chocolate, Hershey’s, Kisses, 5.00/two 14 oz bags
Coffee, Maxwell House, Masterblend, 3.49/11.5 oz can
Cookies, Keebler, Chips Deluxe, 4.00/two 18 oz packages
Crackers, Nabisco, Premium Saltines, 2.39/8 oz box
Eggs, Xtra large, 1.50/dozen
Flour, Foodtown brand, .99/5 lb bag
Juice, Ocean Spray, Cranberry, 4.00/two 64 oz bottles
Kiwi fruit, 1.99/6 fruits
Lettuce, Dole, Hearts of Romaine, 3.49/10 oz bag
Macaroni & Cheese, Kraft, Easy Mac, 5.99/10 pack box
Margarine, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, 2.29/15 oz tub
Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s, 5.00/two 32 oz jars
Olives, B & G, green stuffed, 1.59/five 3/4 oz jars
Onions, sweet red, .99/lb
Oranges, Sunkist, navel, 3.99/3 lb bag
Pasta, Ronzoni, .99/lb box
Peanut butter, Skippy, 2.19/18 oz jar
Pork, loin, boneless, 3.99/lb
Potato chips, Ruffles, 1.69/5 oz bag
Potatoes, Yukon Gold, 2.99/5 lb bag
Rice, Carolina, white, 1.89/32 oz box
Salad dressing, Good Seasons, 3.29/14 oz bottle
Soda, Coke, 3.49/eight pack 12 oz bottles
Spaghetti sauce, Prego, 2.19/26 oz jar
Tomatoes, vine ripened, 1.49/lb
Water, Evian, 4.99/six pack of .05 liter bottles


Bedroom set, 2,018.04/5 pieces
Chair & ottoman, upholstered, 135.00-169.00/set
Chair, rocker/recliner, 399.00/each
Dining room set, 1,190.25/5 pieces
Lamp shades, 12.00/each
Lamps, table, 18.00/each
Living room set, 3,062.55/5 pieces
Mattress, Simmons, 480.60-578.50/Queen set
Rug, Olefin fiber, 5′ X 8′, 88.99-179.99/each
Slipcovers, 39.99-89.99/each
Sleeper sofa, Jennifer Convertibles, 299.99/full size
Sofa, leather, 664.72-1,113.60/each

Household goods

Aluminum foil, Reynolds, 5.00/three 200 sq ft rolls
Clothes washer, Sears Kenmore, Super Capacity, 299.99/each
Coffee maker, Mr. Coffee, 12 cups, 39.99/each
Cookware, Farberware, stainless steel, 59.99/10 piece set
Dish soap, Ultra Palmolive, 2.13/two 13 oz bottles
Flatware, Oneida, stainless, 89.99-169.99/65 piece set
Iron, Black & Decker, 29.99/each
Laundry soap, Tide, 15.00/two 150 oz jugs
Microwave oven, Galaxy, 1.4 cu ft, 59.88/each
Range, Sears Kenmore, 30″, 599.88-699.88/each
Refrigerator, Sears Kenmore, 19.7 cu ft, 688.00-749.00/each
Sheets, cotton, 59.99-83.99/set
Toaster oven, Black & Decker, 19.99-39.99/each
Towels, 27″ X 54″, 4.79-7.99/each
Vacuum cleaners, Hoover, bagless, 89.99-199.99/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ] .35/daily paper

Personal care & health

Antacid, Tums, 3.99/150 ct pkg
Cough medicine, Robitussen, 3.99/4 oz bottle
Deodorant, Mennen, Speed Stick, 1.64-1.99/2.7 oz container
Hair color, Revlon, Colorsilk, 5.00/2 boxes
Pain reliever, Aleve, 3.59/24 count pkg
Pepto Bismol, 6.00/8 oz bottle
Razors, Schick, Slim Twin Disposable, 5.99/10 ct pkg
Shampoo, Herbal Essences, 2.50/12 oz bottle
Soap, Dove, 12.00/two 8 bar packs
Tissues, Kleenex, 5.00/four 200 count boxes
Toilet paper, Cottenelle, 10.00/two 12 roll packs
Toothbrush, Colgate, 3.98/2 brush pack
Toothpaste, Colgate, .99/1.99/6 oz tube
Vitamins, One-A-Day, women’s, 6.00/130 count bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Boonton, 3 bedrooms, 399,900.00
Morris Twp., 4 bedrooms, 624,900.00
Randolph, 4 bedrooms, 699,000.00
Houses for rent
Denville, 3 bedrooms, 2,300.00/month
Parsippany, 3 bedrooms, 2,200.00/month
Succasunna, 2 bedrooms, 1,500.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Madison, 2 bedrooms, 1,500.00/month
Morris Twp., 1 bedroom, 1,240.00/month
Parsippany, 1 bedroom, 930.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Bowflex exercise machine, 799.00-999.99/each
Camcorder, Cannon, mini DVD, 188.00-349.00/each
Camera, Fuji, disposable, 6.99/two 27 color exposure units
Camera, Sony, digital, 199.99-229.99/each
Computer, Sony, notebook, 599.94-749.98/each
Computer software, TurboTax, 39.99/each
DVD player, 69.00-89.99/each
DVD player, portable, 98.00-299.00/each
DVDs, 7.50-16.99/each
Guitar, acoustic, 89.00/each
iPod, Apple, with video, 299.99/each
Nintendo VS Handheld Video Gaming System, 129.99/each
Sewing machine, Sears Kenmore, 51 stitch functions, 99.99-119.99/each
Telephone, Motorola, cell, camera, 149.00-299.99/each
Television, Sony, 50″ micro projection, 2,499.99-2,749.00/each
Yarn, One Pound, 7.00/two 12 oz skeins