Chrysler Sebring, 18,995.00
Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition, 32,080.00
Toyota Corolla, 12,499.00
2003, Mercury Grand Marquis, 11,495.00
2000, GMC Jimmy SLT, 5,975.00
1997, Ford Escort, 1,275.00


Boy’s jacket, winter, 42.00-115.00/each
Men’s jacket, Columbia, 100.00-380.00/each
Men’s jeans, Lee, 24.00/pair
Men’s necktie, Stafford, 20.00-25.00/each
Men’s shirt, dress, 32.50-59.50/each
Men’s shoes, dress, 60.00-145.00/pair
Men’s slacks, Dockers, 29.99/pair
Men’s sport coat, 200.00-300.00/each
Men’s suit, 250.00-495.00/each
Men’s sweater, 30.00-55.00/each
Running shoes, Reebok, Nitro, 29.99-59.99/pair
Women’s blouse, Worthington, 19.99-49.99/each
Women’s coat, wool, 180.00-800.00/each
Women’s shoes, 39.00-79.00/pair
Women’s suit, 300.00-360.00/each
Women’s sweater, 29.00-58.00/each

Employment & services

Administrative assistant, 12.00-15.00/hour
Certified home health aide, 10.00/hour
Construction laborer, 12.00-16.00/hour
Cook, 12.00/hour
Machine operator, 2nd & 3rd shifts, 10.00/hour
Office assistant, 26,000.00-28,000.00/year
Receptionist, 10.00/hour
Security guard, 16.00/hour
Social worker, family support specialist, 13.63/hour

Food & beverages

NOTE: food is no longer advertised in our paper; inserts only
Bacon, Hormel, 1.99/12 oz pkg
Beef, ground, 90% lean, 3.69/lb
Bread, Pepperidge Farm, Nine Grain, 3.29/24 oz loaf
Broccoli, crowns, 1.99/lb
Butter, Land O Lakes, 1.19/8 oz container
Carrots, Green Giant, mini, 1.69/lb bag
Chicken, boneless, 1.99/lb
Cheese, Sorrento, shredded mozzarella, 3.19/8 oz bag
Coffee, Folger’s, 1.99/11.5 oz can
Cool Whip, 2.29/8 oz tub
Cookies, Keebler, Fudge Stripe, 2.99/11.5 oz pkg
Doritos, 3.49/13 oz bag
Hot pockets, meatball sub, 3.19/9 oz pkg
Lettuce, Dole, Hearts of Romaine, 3.49/10 ounce bag
Macaroni, Ronzoni, elbows, .99/lb box
Nuts, Planters, mixed, 4.99/11.5 oz pkg
Onions, Yellow, 1.99/3 lbs
Pizza, Stouffers, French Bread, pepperoni (frozen), 3.99/11 oz box
Pork, boneless loin, 3.99/lb
Potatoes, Yukon Gold, 3.49/5 lbs
Salad dressing, Good Seasons, 3.29/14 oz bottle
Soda, Coca Cola, 3.69/eight 12 oz bottles
Soup, Campbells, Tomato Rice, 1.19/11 oz can
Spaghetti sauce, Classico, 2.99/26 oz jar
Spaghettios, Franco-American, with meatballs, 1.49/15 oz can
Strawberries, 2.99/lb
Tomatoes, grape, 3.99/box

Household & seasonal goods

Coffeemaker, Mr. Coffee, 12 cup, 27.99-39.99/each
Cookware, T-Fal, 10 piece set, 149.00/each
Dinnerware, 61 piece, 119.99/set
Dish detergent, Sunlight, 1.49/14.7 oz bottle
Laundry detergent, Wisk, 9.00/two 100 fl oz bottles
Microwave oven, Sears Kenmore, 1.0 cu ft, 59.99-89.99/each
Range, Sears Kenmore, gas, 549.99-599.99/each
Refrigerator, Sears Kenmore, 22.4 cu ft, 1,399.99-1,449.00/each
Towels, Pyramid, bath, 12.00/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, EmPower, bagless, 179.99/each
Washing machine, Sears Kenmore, 399.99-479.99/each



Personal care & health

Deodorant, Secret, 4.00/two 2.6 oz continers
Mouthwash, Listerine, 8.00/two 1 liter bottles
Q-Tips, 7.00/two 625 ct pkgs
Shampoo, Pantene, 4.99/16.2 fl oz bottle
Tissues, Kleenex, 5.00/four 200 count boxes
Toilet paper, Cottenelle, 12.00/two 12 roll packs
Toothpaste, Colgate, 6.00/two 6 oz tubes
Vitamins, One-a-Day, 7.99/130 count bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Parsippany, ranch, 3 bedrooms, 414,000.00
Randolph, townhouse, 2 bedrooms, 379.900.00
Rockaway Twp., colonial, 4 bedrooms, 459.900.00
Houses for rent
Florham Park, 3 bedrooms, 1,700.00/month
Lake Parsippany, 4 bedrooms, 2,200.00/month
Roxbury, 3-4 bedrooms, 1,600.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 1 bedroom, Old Forge, 1,250.0/month
Randolph, 1 bedroom, 1,700.00/month
Rockaway Twp., 2/3 bedrooms, 1,465.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Book, Morris County Memories, published by the Daily Record, 24.99/each; 59.99/complete set of 3 books
Camcorder, Canon, digital, 268.00-499.00/each
Camera, Canon, digital, 6 megapixel, 148.00-299.00/each
Computer, Compaq, notebook, 15.4″ screen, 449.00-639.99/each
Cruise, Norwegian Cruise Line, Bermuda, 7 nights, 549.99/person
DVD player/recorder, Toshiba, 499.99/each
DVDs (movies), 9.99-11.99/each
Golf balls, Juice, 19.99/dozen
iPod, Apple, 2nd generation, 149.99/each
iTunes gift cards, 15.00-50.00/each
Playstation Portable System, Sony, 199.99/each; games, 39.99/each
Television, Panasonic, 52″ wide screen high definition, 1,088.00-1,999.00/each
XBox 360 Pro System, 399.99/each; games 29.99-69.99/each