Buick, Regal, 25,245.00
Chrysler, Town & Country, 17,750.00
Ford, Fusion, 19,695.00
2007, Dodge, Grand Caravan, 14,995.00
2002, Chevrolet Trailblazer 4X4, 10,995.00
1997, Nissan, Maxima GLE, 5,995.00


(clothing is advertised by chain discount stores in newspaper inserts)
Boy’s jeans, Levi, 16.99/pair
Men’s jeans, Converse, 27.00/pair
Men’s shirt, dress, Arrow, 18.00/each
Men’s slacks, Croft & Barrow, 24.99/pair
Men’s shoes, dress, Regal, 54.99/pair
Running shoes, New Balance, 59.99/pair
Women’s cable cardigan sweater, 17.99/each
Women’s skirt, paisley print, 39.99/each

Employment & services

Most local job ads are online now; the few jobs published in the paper newspaper do not advertise salary. Generally: economic times are difficult (layoffs, downsizing, furloughs) and many people in our area are having a hard time finding work.

Food & beverages

(Food is no longer advertised in the newspaper; manufacturer’s coupons only.. Foods/prices reported below were for sale in FoodTown, Cedar Knolls, NJ)
Apples, Macintosh, 2.99/3 lb bag
Baby food, Beechnut, 1.00/two 4oz jars
Beef, ground, 90% lean, 3.99/lb
Bananas, .99/3 lbs
Bread, Wonder, 5.00/two 16 oz loaves
Candy, Halloween, jumbo bags (KitKats, Reese’setc.), 4.19/bag
Cereal, Cheerios, 3.79/8.9 oz box
Cheese, Kraft, American Singles, 4.99/16 oz pkg
Coffee, Mxwell House, 3.99/11.5 oz can
Cookies, Nabisco, Mallomars, 3.99/8 oz box
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, 3.59/12 oz box
Eggs, Grade A, 2.29/dozen
Fish, tuna, Bumble Bee, solid white albacore, 1.59/3 oz can
Flour, Gold Medal, 2.49/5 lb bag
Juice, V8, 2.99/32 oz bottle
Ketchup, Heinz, 1.69/14 oz bottle
Macaroni, Ronzoni, elbows, .99/16 oz. box
Margarine, I can’t believe it’s not butter3.59/15 oz container
Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s, 3.49/15 oz jar
Milk, 2.19/half gallon
Onions, yellow, 1.99/3 lb bag
Pineapple, fresh, whole, 3.99/each
Potatoes, Yukon Gold, 4.99/5 lbs
Soda, Coca Cola, 1.79/67.6 oz bottle
Soup, Campbell’s, tomato, 2.00/three 10.75 oz cans
SPAM, 2.79/12 oz can
Spaghetti sauce, Classico, 2.99/24 oz bottle
Sugar, Domino, 3.99/5lbs


Lamp, Target, floor, 30.00/each

Household & seasonal goods

Coffee maker, Cuisinart, 12-cup programmable, 59.99/each
Food Processor, Hamilton Beach 10 cup-500 watt, 39.99/each
Laundry detergent, Tide, 13.19/75 oz bottle
Microwave, 1.5 cu ft, 199.99/ea
Range, self cleaning, gas, 749.00/ea
Refrigerator, Crosley, 26 cu ft, 679.99/each
Slow cooker crock pot, Hamilton Beach, 6 quart, 34.00/each
Toaster Oven, Black & Decker, 49.99/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, WindTunnel, Bagless, 97.75/each
Washing machine, Crosley, 499.99


Daily Record [Morristown NJ], .75/daily paper

Personal care & health

(Discount drug store inserts only. These prices were sourced from FoodTown, Cedar Knolls NJ supermarket)
Band Aids, J&J, 2.99/60 count pkg
Cold medicine, Vicks, NyQuil, 5.69/1 2 liquicaps
Deodorant, Mennen, Speedstick, 3.19/3 oz pkg
Mouthwash, Listerine, 4.59/16.9 oz
Pain reliever Excedrin, 6.99/50 count bottle
Q Tips, 1.79/300 count pkg
Shampoo, Pantene, 4.99/12.6 oz bottle
Toothbrush, Oral B, 3.49/each
Toothpaste, Crest, 2.89/6.4 oz tube
Vitamins, Centrum, 12.99/60 count bottle

Real estate

Houses for sale
Dover, split level, 3 bedrooms, 295,000.00
Mountain Lakes, 4 bedrooms, 785,000.00
Parsippany, 4 bedrooms, 478,000.00
Houses for rent
Long Valley, cottage house, 1,100.00/month
Morris Plains, 2 bedrooms, 1,995.00/month
Morristown, 3 bedrooms, 2,200.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Boonton, 2 bedrooms, 1,250.00/month
Mine Hill, 1 bedroom, 950.00/month
Morristown, 2 bedrooms, 2,200.00/month

Recreation & amusements

Blu-Ray Disc player, Panasonic, 129.99
Blu-Ray on a budget, movies, Halloween II, 12.99
Camera, Kodak, EasyShare digital, 129.00
Computer, Dell Insipiron, 15″ laptop, 624.00
Doll, Princess & Me, 18 inch, 14.99-49.99/ea
DVDs, popular movies, Karate Kid (remake), 17.99
Halloween costumes, ToysRUs, 13.99/each
IPad, Apple 16GB, 499.99/each
Navigation system, Garmin Nuvi, 349.00 (plus service fee)
Nook (eBook reader from Barnes & Noble) 149.00
XBox 360, game system, 199.00
XBox game, NBA Elinte, 59.00
Television, 42″, Panasonic HDTV, 999.00
Toy, Fisher Price, Follow Me Thomas (character train), 39.99