Chevrolet Camaro, $37,377.00
Hyundai Acent, 16,170.00
Subaru Forester, 22,279.00 Used
2008, Honda Civic, 12.995.00
2006, Dodge Caraban, 9,995.00
2004, Jeep Cherokee 4X4, 11.995.00


(clothing is advertised by chain discount stores in newspaper inserts)
Boots, Columbia, snow, men’s, 90.00/pair
Coat, wool, misses, 220.00/each
Jacket, Columbia, fleece, 50.00/each
Jeans, Lee, men’s, 31.99/pair
Necktie, Croft & Barrow, 34.00/each
Pants, Dockers, ladies, 34.99/pair
Pants, Dockers, men’s, 44.99/pair
Shirt, Arrow, men’s, 45.00/each
Slippers, Chaps, men’s, 58.00/pair
Sneakers, Nike, men & women, 60.00/pair
Socks, men’s dress, 22.50/pair
Sport coat, Croft & Barrow, 160.00/each
Sweater, ladies, 58.00/each
Sweatshirt, team apparel, men’s, 68.00/each

Employment & services

Daily Record devotes 1.25 pages to job ads. The paper partners with CareerBuilder job database. Local part time opportunties advertised in store windows, not in the paper or online. Poor economic times continue and many highly qualified/experienced people are having a hard time finding work.

Food & beverages

(Food is advertised in discount store inserts only. These prices are from the shelves FoodTown, Cedar Knolls, NJ.) Apples, Granny Smith, 1.60/lb
Bacon, Oscar Meyer, Hardwood Smoked, 6.49/lb
Bananas, .79/lb
Beef, ground, 90%. 4/49/lb
Bisquick, 2.39/28 oz box
Bread, Wonder, Classic White, 3.69/20 oz
Cake mix, Duncan Hines, Moist Deluxe, 1.79/18.25 oz
Cereal, Kellogg’s, Corn Flakes, 3.79/12 oz box
Chicken, Perdue, boneless breasts, 2.99/lb
Cocoa, Swiss Miss, 8 envelopes, 2.59/4.48 oz
Coffee, Maxwell House, Masterblend, 4.99/11 oz
Cookies, Nabisco, Oreos, 4.59/15.5 oz bag
Crackers, Nabisco, Ritz, 3.99/12.73 oz
Eggs, large, 1.89/doz
Flour, Pillsbury, 2.99/4 lb
Ice cream, Bryers, 4.99/48 oz tub
Jelly, Welch’s, Concord Grape, 2.39/18 oz
Juice, Ocean Spray, Cranberry, 4.49/64 oz
Karo syrup, blue label dark, 2.99/lb
Ketchup, Heinz, 1.99/14 oz
Kool-Aid, packet, .25/.15 oz
Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s, 3.39/9 oz
Milk, Cream O Land, skim, 2.29/64 oz
Onions, yellow, 2.49/3 lb
Ovaltine, Classic Malt, cannister, 4.79/12 oz
Peanut butter, Skippy, Creamy, 2.59/16.3 oz
Pizza, frozen, Stouffer’s French Bread, 3.99/10.32 oz
Potato chips, Lays, Classic, 4.29/10 oz
Potatoes, 1.99/5 lbs
Soda, Coca Cola, 1.89/67.6 oz bottle
Soup, Campbell’s Tomato, condensed, .99/10.75 oz
Sugar, Domino, 3.99/5 lbs
Tea, Tetley, 3.99/100 count
TV dinner, Kid Cuisine, 3.49/8.8 oz
Vanilla, McCormick 2.99/1 oz


Chair, Cosco, folding, 25.00/each
Dining room table & 4 chairs, 269.99/set
Futon, $299.99/each
Recliner, Simmons, 279.99/each
Table, folding, 35.00/each

Household & seasonal goods

Bedding set, Chaps, queen, 249.99/set
Blender, Oster, 16 speed, 59.00/each
Coffee maker, Cuisinart, 12 cup programmable, 139.00/each
Cookware, Farberware, 13 pieces, 149.99/set
Dishes, Sonoma, 16 piece set, 119.00/each
FoodSaver vacuum sealer, 199.99/each
Freezer, Kenmore, 14.4 cu ft, 349.99/each
Garage door opener, Kenmore, 1/2 hp, 159.99/each
Grill, George Foreman, indoor, 99.99/each
Laundry detergent, All, 3.99/28 loads
Range, Kenmore, electric, 30 in, 299.00/each
Refrigerator, Kenmore, 25 cu ft, 2024.99/each
Silverware, Oneida, 20 pieces, 169.00/set
Toaster oven, Black & Decker, 49.99/each
Tool set, Craftsman, 255 pieces, 179.00/each
Towels, Vera Wang, bath, 29.00/each
Vacuum cleaner, Hoover, 199.00/each
Washing machine, Kenmore, 599.00/each


Daily Record [Morristown NJ], .75/daily paper

Personal care & health

(Discount drug store inserts only. These prices were sourced from FoodTown, Cedar Knolls NJ supermarket)
Contact lenses, disposable, Sterling Optical, 179.00/6 month supply
Diapers, Huggies, disposable, 19.99/70 count
Hair dryer, Conair, Infiniti Pro, 59.99/each
Hand lotion, Jergens, 5.99/21 oz bottle
Pain reliever, Aleve, 7.99/100 ct bottle
Razor, Remington, electric, 129.99/each
Shampoo, Prell, 1.99/13.5 oz bottle
Shaving lotion, Edge, 2.79/6 oz can
Tooth brush, Colgate, 1.99/each
Tooth brush, Sonicare, electric, $144.00/each

Real estate

Houses for sale
Boonton, 2 br cape, 279,000.00
Madison, 4 br cape, 579,000.00
Roxbury, 4 br colonial, 325,000.00
Houses for rent
Denville, 3 br, 1,800.00/mo
Jefferson, 5 br, 2,300.00/mo
Parsippany, 2 br, 1,300.00/mo
Apartments & rooms
Chester, 1 br, 900.00/mo
Morris Twp., 2 br, 1,270.00/mo
Mountain Lakes, 1 br, 800.00/mo

Recreation & amusements

Bicycle, Schwinn, girls, 20″, 109.99/each
Book, Spencer Tracy, A Biography/Curtis, 39.95/ea Breakfast buffet, New Orleans Steakhouse, Jefferson, $11.00/adult, 8.99/child
Camera, Nikon, Coolpix, digital, 329.99/each
Card game, Uno, 9.99/each
Christmas trees, live, 32.00-59.00/each
Crayons, Crayola, 3.00/64 count box
Computer, notebook, HP dv6t, 799.00/each
Concert, Masterwork Chorus, Drew University, 35.00-75.00/ticket
Dart board, 12.00/each
Doll, Barbie and Walking Tawny horse, 39.99/set
Dvd, music, 13.99/each
Dvd player, RCA, portable, 85.99/each
Holiday cards, 5.00/40 count box
Ice skates, Easton, hockey, 64.00/pair
Football, Wilson, 17.00/each
Lego City, 44.99/set
Luggage, Samsonite, Glyde 21″ carry on, 99.00/each
Pool table, 599.00/each
Smart phone, Droid, 4G Lite, 199.00/each
Tennis racquet, Wilson, 169.99/each
Television, Panasonic, 50″ plasma, 779.99/each
Train ride with Santa, Whippany Railway Museum, 13.00/adult, 8.00/child
Video game, XBox, Kinnect bundle, 399.99/each